DIARY No. 80

Here’s what we’ve been up to the last couple of weeks according to my camera roll:

A big day in the Riordan household!! We picked up a couple of pairs of walking shoes for Jack. The top pair is Old Soles and the bottom is See Kai Run.

I made this BBQ salmon bowl with mango salsa and it was divine. I can’t recommend it enough. It tasted like summer in a bowl!!

Teddy is living the dream, no?

Have you tried Olipop yet? I feel so late to the game after seeing it online over the past couple of years, but now I am hooked. I tried a few of the flavors, some I cared for and some I didn’t. The grape is hands down my favorite…. Oh, it’s just delicious.

I’m still not over these little party hats and cake toppers.

My mom was hard at work making the cakes for Jack’s birthday. She’s been doing smash cakes for so many people in Tampa and the fact that she got to make Jack’s was so special.

Can’t stop, won’t stop with the seafood tours. It’s become a bit of a signature for Mike. Always a hit.

After the party day and all the preparations it involved, it was so nice to relax on Saturday with my parents. I know Jack loved it just as much as they did!

We drove into the city for lunch with Meghan! Our schedules finally aligned and it was so great that she got to meet Jack. We had a (very fast) lunch at Bubby’s– it’s a tight window entertaining a one year old at a table– and then went strolled to a park for a bit.

And what is this basic photo of a coffee mug? It’s 30 minutes of peace after I did the daycare dropoff. I went and got a cup of coffee and sat there for 30 minutes reading before running back home to get to work. I used to feel guilty for “wasting” time during a day when I have childcare and then I realized how crucial it is to give myself a few minutes solely for myself. I’m so much happier when I give myself that time!

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