ON MY RADAR 8.19.22

This was a great week with activities with Jack, an impromptu midweek date, a trip into NYC, and a fun meeting with our interior designer. and I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I am trying very hard to be present and mindful and soaking up every minute of these last summer days!!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // What We Said Podcast

I’ve been on a podcast kick lately. You know I love my audiobooks, but I’ve been breaking up my listening with podcasts… especially if I’m doing something where I can go in and out of focus, the chattiness of a podcast is perfect. I follow Jaci on Youtube and love her content– her podcast with Chelsey has been a go-to of mine lately. Highly recommend! It’s fun and feels like you’re sitting down with a couple of friends. (I also think they are just so funny.)

TWO // Recipe Ideas

Need any good weeknight recipe ideas?! Pin this post. I was drooling over it all– so many great colors and flavors!! I try so hard to make one meal a week (I am decidedly not the chef in the family!) and am always on the hunt for a good recipe to work off of on “my” night.

THREE // Scalloped Stationery

Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with this stationery. Libery-esque florals and a punchy scallop design and a monogram? Can’t get enough.

FOUR // “I Feel Grief Over My Best Friend’s Pregnancy”

I loved this essay on Cup of Joe– and the comment section, too. Friendships are challenging… period. But especially as we all move through different stages of life, it can be even more challenging. I’ve been on both sides of this coin– as the friend watching her friends have babies… and as the friend having a baby. It’s hard to navigate either side!

FIVE // Dae Monsoon Moisture Line

I am a big fan of Dae’s shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been using the Monsoon Moisture mask about once a week and love it. They just came out with a matching shampoo and conditioner and it’s great if you have thicker, more textured hair that needs super hydrating hair product. Whereas the original shampoo and conditioner has a flirty sweet scent, the Monsoon Moisture is a bit more “earthy” in a nice way!

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Shayla McMurray

I listen mainly to entrepreneurship podcasts and also Just B by Bethenny Frankel. 😊

I also have my own podcast about personal excellence and professional development called The Next Day Podcast if you ladies would like to take a listen! I’ll link it in website ! Cheers!