DIARY No. 86

Here’s the last two weeks according to my camera roll!

I keep saying it so I’m sure I sound like a broken record but this has been my favorite fall ever. The leaves have been extra pretty and something about the lighting seems even more special. We’ve had a good mix of moody weather and some warm summer-like days too. All feels wonderful!

After almost a year, I’m coming to the end of my stitching for my needlepoint stocking! I spent a while trying to figure out how I wanted my name and landed on a good style eventually! I am definitely going to have to sew the stocking myself as I’ve missed finishing deadlines by a long shot. (PS Here’s my post with needlepoint tips for beginners!)

Jack’s first haircut! It was long overdue. I always swore I wouldn’t be the mom who got overly sentimental about my child’s hair…. and yet….. I couldn’t help it! While I miss his little baby wisps, I think he looks extra handsome now. Mike took him to his barbershop and it was adorable. Zero tears!

Halloween with a fourteen month old was…. fun. Jack had a sweet little parade at daycare! But he was pretty exhausted to “trick or treat” with cousins. We had a little bit of a meltdown 😉 So we ditched the costume, peeled off every layer and ended up in our comfy sneaks. Much better!!! And then he was able to follow his cousins. I thought he’d be fine just walking down the sidewalk with everyone, but once he realized the girls were going to everyone’s front doors and porches? Well he followed suit! Made the stressful moments melt away!

I went to Connecticut for a fun launch event for my ChappyWrap collection. Such a fun night! I loved meeting you guys and seeing some of my CT friends (hi Mackenzie & Sam)!

Can we talk about THIS HAT. Guys just order it. You will not regret it. I paid for the rush shipping so it would be here in time for cold weather. (Which…. hasn’t exactly happened 🤣). But it’s so, so darling. The name. The pom pom. The earflaps! I love it all. You can customize the colors, too.

The Lovevery ads finally got to me… and I have to say, we are already loving the subscription!! I have been having the hardest time figuring out toys for Jack. I walked the aisles of Target with my mom when she was in town trying to figure out what to get him and we were just both so overwhelmed. Jack is thrilled with the new toys!

I’ve gotten so many questions about this pullover, it was a gift from Addison Bay!

Elsa and I went to the Fine Day Fair. Such a fun mini day trip. We both loved looking around at all the vendors and getting in the holiday spirit.

We went out to dinner in the city with some friends last weekend. I made reservations at Fish Cheeks after seeing it on Instagram and it was delicious. Can’t recommend it enough– it’s a Thai seafood restaurant. Every single thing we got was 10/10. The Tom Yum soup was my favorite though…. and the coconut ice cream for dessert!

Within 24 hours, I got locked out of the house (accidentally), lost (then found) my wallet, and our childcare fell through and I was about to ~lose~ my mind. I ended up taking Jack to the zoo where we got stuck in a downpour, but it was a blast beforehand. Jack was having a ball– especially the train!!! We will be going back. Seeing that smile made all the headaches worth it!

I shared this slip skirt (c/o) on my IG story, but wanted to give it a permanent place here too since so many of you guys loved it.

Isn’t this a sweet gift from Framebridge?! It was a surprise! Just showed up on our doorstep. The little picture of Jack is their ornament for the year! We have two previous years’ too, so this is fun to add to the collection!

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Lovely photos! We enjoyed Lovevery too especially their box with the carrots! Eventually I didn’t find it as engaging then Busy Toddler became go to for toy recommendations. That’s her Instagram handle and she has never steered me wrong!

Lily R.

Hi Carly, i’m interested in the software you’re using to design needlework. Can you share pls? Thanks!