DIARY No. 87

It’s been a fun few weeks around here and we have a lot of catching up to do!

Sarah O Jewelry sent me the nicest holiday gift. An extra dainty pave bar bracelet. I love that it’s an everyday bracelet but still feels fancy. Not too flashy.

This boy. He’s 15 months old and just loving life. I am the luckiest to be his mom and every day is better than the last. Jack started getting really chatty and it’s amazing to watch (um, hear!) him discover new words.

I know this looks dorky…. but it’s been getting dark just way too early around here. I am trying to get a lot of steps in and on days where it’s not too cold, I like walking to Jack’s daycare. Even just for evening walks around the neighborhood, it is soooo dark. I feel so much safer walking with this safety vest on. A few people asked if I wore it over coats and yes! It fits even over my heaviest puffer coat!

I’ve been on my pickleball grind. I wish I could play every day, but I’ll take what I can get. Our practice group has started to get, well not great, but less terrible! We are making so much progress and it makes it that much more fun. Our pond club is even putting in dedicated pickleball courts– I can’t wait! (Paddle here!)

How sweet is this Thanksgiving placemat Jack made at daycare! I love the crafts they do!!! I scanned it into the computer for posterity’s sake. The best part is how proud he is when carrying it to the car.

With chilly nights here, Mike and I are embracing the cozy season. We ordered ramen delivery a couple of weeks ago and it was the perfect way to warm up. I think I would have it every night. (If you’re local and haven’t tried Wonder yet, you need to!!! It’s like having a restaurant meal right at home. It doesn’t taste like “take out.”)

Oh what a special day we had celebrating Elsa and her baby girl!!! I loved meeting her family and friends and just all around celebrating the impeding arrival of Baby! Elsa was glowing!!

This was my first time flying with Jack since he started walking. It’s really just not a fun time to fly with a toddler… He’s old enough to want to walk around and not be trapped and to young to put on headphones and indulge in some screen time– and I tried 😜.

Some things that worked for us this time around:

– Having his own seat and putting his carseat rear facing so if he threw something it would be caught by the back of the seat.

– SNACKS. His favorite granola bars, bananas, Cheerios

– For activities, he was engaged by this LCD writing tablet, these suction toys, and this spinner.

While in Tampa, we took Jack to the aquarium. He loved it!!! Definitely need to put this on our winter bucket list up here.

Mike and I got away for a date night while down in Florida. It was so nice that we could leave Jack with my parents and actually go out. I haven’t been to too many of the new restaurants in Tampa (I like to go to my favorites when I’m there), but it’s changed so much since I last lived there. We went to Olivia and it was delicious. Perfect date night spot!

Our biggest Thanksgiving ever!!! All the cousins, all the aunts/uncles. It was great to have everyone all together. My mom rented tables and chairs and my dad moved all the furniture out of the back patio. Always love being able to eat outside in November.

We flew back just in time for Madison’s tree lighting!

And we got our tree up too! Felt a little early, but also set the mood. I liked that it was up already on December 1. Usually it takes a few days at the beginning of December to get into the spirit while decorating and getting everything up. Maybe the key is getting the decorations up a day or two early so you can wake up on the 1st fully in the spirit.

I had the goal of finishing this needlepoint stocking by December 1 and didn’t quite make it. I still have a small section left to go and then I need to do the actual sewing. Do I know how to sew a stocking? No, I do not! I guess I’m going to have to learn.

Jack’s first trip to the library! Well, I guess that’s not true. We’ve been. This was his first time officially checking out a book (two!). He was thrilled that he could walk out with the books!! I walked him through all the steps. Picking out the books, walking them to the front desk, putting them in the window, scanning our library card…. I think he’s going to be pumped to know he gets to return them by putting them through a slot in a big metal box. It may even be better than borrowing two fun books!!

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I really love hearing what Jack is up to! My son is several months younger, and I love imagining where he’ll be (I’m sure it’ll feel like it happens to fast!!). I can tell you love him so much! Where is his hat from, the one with his name?


Such a fun post! My new holiday hack is to put my tree up before I leave to spend Thanksgiving with my family! I didn’t grow up doing this and really love celebrating Thanksgiving without rushing to Christmas. That said, I felt that getting the decorations set up to come home to helps lift my holiday spirit later AND let’s me enjoy my time away for Thanksgiving without constantly thinking about the work ahead. May be something that helps you too!

Lorraine Barnes

You always have an eye for a good pic! I love the one of Jack staring at the tree with the bell. Most people try to get their child’s face in every pic, but this seems more “in the moment”. And the black and white pic of the 3 of you is great too. Happy Holidays!


Eating outside in November: amazing!! Love all of the updates of Jack! 🙂 thanks for sharing & brightening our spirits