ON MY RADAR 12.2.22

I started the week feeling a little overwhelmed– nothing crazy, just the usual holiday hustle and bustle. I have been a little bah humbug about the holidays. Last year, I think I was really going through it postpartum-wise (I was dealing with “stuff,” Jack was in a difficult transition, I was just in a bad mood for about a month) and I think subconsciously I was bracing myself to feel similarly this year. But it’s a totally different year. Jack had his fifteen month check-up and he “passed” with flying colors. (They had to measure him twice because no one could believe how much he’d grown since his first birthday!) I walked out of the pediatrician’s office just bursting with gratitude. It put everything into perspective within seconds and I came home and saw our Christmas tree in a new light.

I am also getting excited because I only have a few more weeks of work left before I take my big break…. I can’t wait 🙈

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // 12 Days of Cookies

I’ve been saying this for months (years), but I really want to bake more. Besides chocolate chip cookies (which I could make in my sleep at this point), I just haven’t made baking a priority. Especially now that we are feeding a toddler, sometimes the last thing I want to do is dirty up more dishes. Whoops. I stumbled on this TikTok account, where the creator is going to be doing twelve days of cookies. They look PERFECT. In a dream world, I’d make them all and gift to neighbors and friends for the holidays!

TWO // Tartan Plaid Day Gown

I do not need another tartan dress…. I do not need another tartan dress…. but oh man do I want this one! Beyond just looking adorable, the description is really what sold me. “We also understand that looking like a lady only works if you can still be a REAL mom. And we all know that we ‘mom so hard’ at the holidays. This dress will work for every occasion—dressy or casual….. the Day Gown checks all the boxes—washable cotton, giant pockets, easy access to nurse, and fully lined for coverage.”

THREE // Matilda the Musical Movie Trailer

If you’re on TikTok, you probably haven’t missed all the hype around the new Matilda movie! It’s based on the musical production and the movie looks phenomenal. I saw it on Broadway years ago and it’s so great… cannot wait for it to come to Netflix on Christmas Day!

FOUR // ‘Sconset Roses Needlepoint Canvas

I am sooooo close to finishing my personal needlepoint stocking. I’ve been working on it since last December! It’s been through a lot with me (including a coffee spill 😵). I have been trying to hunt down the perfect project. I want to do something fun, but manageable. How cute is this ‘Sconset Roses canvas?!

FIVE // Best Books of 2022

NY Times released their list of best books of the year… and I’ve read none of them!! I am going to go through the list and pick a couple to read. I am having book FOMO! (PS Can’t wait to put together my “best of 2022” list!)


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One of the books from your what I read in November post is on the nyt list–demon copperhead!! 🙂