DIARY No. 88

Here’s what we’ve been up to for the past two weeks according to my camera roll!

Jack met Santa! Our pond club hosted Madison Santa– he is the best in the biz and I can’t be convinced otherwise! Jack was freaked out at first and then quickly warmed up the big guy!! By the end of the session he was standing nearby watching all the big kids giving their wishlists to Santa.

I went down to Pennsylvania to visit Maddie and we went to a sip and shop event for Neely & Chloe and Couper. Loved catching up with some our favorite retail friends and, of course, doing some holiday shopping, too.

This was the first time our boys have met!! Besties right off the bat.

The perfect year round red: CV by Olive and June! I’m obsessed.

Guys, I have to confess that I almost didn’t do Christmas cards this year. It’s usually my favorite tradition, but this year it felt like it was going to be so much extra work. I ended up rallying knowing I would be disappointed if I didn’t do it. When they arrived, I sat at our dining room table, put on some headphones, and cranked through the stamping and sealing while I watched some Gilmore Girls.

My Christmas present was a night in a hotel by myself! I was originally going to go into the city, but all the hotels I wanted to stay in were either booked, required a two night minimum, or crazy expensive! I ended up staying at the MC Hotel in Montclair, so only 30 minutes away and a nice mini-getaway. I thought they had room service though, and when I found out they didn’t, I ordered Doordash instead…. Major mistake. I got terrible food poisoning and truly almost called 911 I was so sick. Somehow I got through the night! I woke up so grateful to be alive (lol 🫠) and that Mike wasn’t also affected and that I could spend the whole morning alone recovering. I really was so grateful all things considered because it could have been so much worse…. but of course this happened to me on my one night without a baby or dogs 🤣

How sweet is this charm necklace? HART sent it to me and it’s so cute and special.

I went out with some girlfriends for drinks. We called it our company holiday party and had it scheduled on our family calendars and everything. It was so nice to get out. It’s been so hard to get out with friends with busy schedules and childcare and work obligations so this was just extra needed!

I got on the Hotel Lobby Candle bandwagon! I get the hype now. They burn so beautifully, but most importantly, they smell amazing. I really love how long the scent lasts. It makes our whole downstairs smell great.

Had to share this matching loungewear set. I am obsessed. Needed something cute to make these cold, dark days a little cozier!!

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Brigid Devney-Rye

Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry you got sick on your overnight! I hope you get a do-over.


Do you have a promo code for Olive and June? No worries if you do not. Have a Merry Christmas!