ON MY RADAR 12.16.22

Okay. I felt crazy for putting up our Christmas tree before December started and now I’m so glad I did because… December is flying by?! I can’t be the only one experiencing whiplash over how quickly time is moving. Absolutely wild. Christmas is next Sunday? How did this happen!

Such a crazy and fun Christmas display in Morristown (on Bell Drive)! There’s a little walking path and they are accepting donations towards the Valerie fund.

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // S’noods

Did you watch Snack vs. Chef on Netflix? Lauryn, one of the contestants, is one of my sister’s childhood friends– they played soccer together for years and years. I was so proud of her!!! She and another contestant are fundraising to bring S’noods to life!

TWO // “My English Teacher Told Me to Write a Love Poem” by Sophie Priceman

My sister sent me this TikTok video of Sophie Priceman reciting a poem she wrote about love. It is phenomenal. I really hope you have the chance to listen to it. Such a beautiful poem that she wrote and she delivered it beautifully as well.

THREE // Cable-knit Rollneck Sweater

I keep eyeing this gorgeous rollneck sweater from J. Crew. I love how it’s cropped because I think it would look great with high waisted jeans or even a skirt. It’s almost sold out but it’s currently 30% off and oh so tempting!

FOUR // How to Make Sugar Cookies with Claire Saffitz

TBD if I get my act together enough to actually make cookies this year. (I really, really want to bake something at least!) But in the meantime, I guess I’ll just be watching all the baking videos. Claire Saffitz, my fave, just put out a video about making and decorating sugar cookies if you want a good watch!

FIVE // “The Christmas Song”

Father daughter duo Claire and Dave Crosby sat down with another father daughter duo Mat and Savanna Shaw to record a Christmas song together. It’s so good and it gave me all the feels to see two dads singing with their daughters!!


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I made Claire’s sugar cookies using that recipe last Christmas and they are the best sugar cookies I’ve ever made in my life! So delicious and buttery – perfect with her icing. I’m excited to try them again this year and I’m hoping my decorating skills will improve!