DIARY No. 93

Sorry this is pretty mom-focused this week. Honestly I’ve just been heavily in mom mode and loving it…. but my camera roll certainly reflects this reality 😜

Here’s what I’ve been up to over the past two weeks.

Jack was invited to a press event with Little Sleepies. I had no idea how it would go… but we trekked in and hoped for the best. Turns out, he had a blast. He did arts and crafts, ate great snacks, and (!!!) met the Easter bunny. The second the bunny came out, Jack was hopping around (one of his favorite songs is “Hop Little Bunny”) and he kind of lost his mind seeing a bunny ~in real life~. Such a fun event!

Also huge news for me. Jack is starting to fit into actual toddler clothes. I’m so excited because I feel like this opens up a whole new world of clothes options 😜. Here’s his crewcuts sweatshirt!

Red Wagon has the cutest rollneck sweaters for kids. They totally saved us with our St. Patrick’s Day sweater and then were kind enough to send along the Easter sweater too. You know Mr. Bunny-Obsessed Jack is going to love wearing this!

I got two of these to put out while we’re playing. Jack thinks it’s his new best friend, haha, but I feel so much more comfortable playing on the sidewalk when we have them out. Our neighbors have two as well so we’re really packing a punch!

Is it a diary post without an appearance from Sunday Motor?! No. Delicious as always.

Jack and I went to the zoo on Monday. We had so much fun! The sea lions remain a favorite…. and they were putting on quite the show for the kids. Everyone was squealing and clapping.

Pickleball ready!!!

What a fun night celebrating Blair’s collection with LAKE. Leave it to Blair to bring together such a fun group of women– it felt like a blogger reunion! I caught up with so many people I hadn’t seen in a while (some since before COVID). So fun 🤗

I had Elsa and her baby girl over for a little hang out. It’s truly one of the greatest things to see your friend become a mom! I’m so proud of her and it’s amazing to have a new little bebe around to love on!!!

I’ve been on a major iced coffee kick lately. With a side of spring flowers, of course.

Sprinkled with Pink sent me all these fun pickleball goodies and I can’t get over how darling everything is. I cannot wait to show up to pickleball practice with the bag, especially.

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