ON MY RADAR 3.24.23

Whew. What a fun week! Had a couple of challenges, but overall it was filled with friends and fun and for that I’m grateful. Jack and I went to the zoo. We had some nice weather! I went to an event in the city and got to see and catch up with friends that I haven’t seen in years. We went into town for dinner and ice cream and we got a little taste of summer. Pickleball practice. Hanging out with Elsa and her baby and a baby shower for a good friend this weekend. Life is good right now 🙏🏻

ONE // Wicker Coffee Table

We love our wicker coffee table from Serena and Lily! I always get questions about it. We’ve had it for years and it’s still going strong (and I’m still obsessed). We’ve really put it to the test too with hosting and then adding a baby and then toddler into the mix. (I don’t think I ever really understood how much of a beating coffee tables take with kids…. at least ours does!) This coffee table is a new arrival and looks like an updated, even sleeker version. I really love the braided side and it has a glass top (which would have come in handy for ours!).

TWO // The Perfect Couple Casting News

The perfect couple is my favorite Elin Hilderbrand book. (I recommend it all the time, especially if you’ve never read one of her books before.) The casting is supposedly not 100% signed and sealed, but a leak of the casting got out. And for lack of a better word, it seems perfect. (I’m inspired to read the series again.)

THREE // Blair Eadie x LAKE

Blair’s collection for LAKE is live and if you’re not in the mood for summer after seeing the fun and punchy pajamas. I got the Lottie set and it’s to die for. Every detail is sheer perfection– from pockets on the shorts to the heart buttons.

FOUR // What Comes After Ambition?

I’ve been walking a lot and it’s been giving me a lot of time to think. The other day I was thinking about how happy I am with where I am in life. At 33. Not even like a “check the box: house, marriage, baby” place. It’s more my relationship with work and how it’s evolved, for the better, over the years. Coincidentally, my friend Liz shared this on Instagram the next day and it really resonated with me.

FIVE // Personalized Garden Trellis Tote

While searching for something totally unrelated, this fabulous tote popped up as a result. I nearly fell out of my chair it’s so stunning. That’s definitely favorite one, but there’s also a hydrangea version that’s darling and a chinoiserie-esque blue design too. Since they’re made to order, there’s a lead time for ordering, so don’t wait if you want one before summer trips!! (The Amalfi lemons?! Perfection.)

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Kelly minifie

I thought the perfect couple was a stand alone book?? It’s part of a series?!

Love your work!