DIARY No. 94

Here’s what my last two weeks looked like according to my camera roll!

I was up in the area for my friend’s baby shower and got to catch up with Sam for brunch beforehand. We rarely get to see each other one on one (it’s almost always a hang out with our kids or in a big group setting like an influencer event). Was so nice to just chat one on one and relax without chasing around toddlers 😉 We met at The Granola Bar in Rye and I got to have my beloved matcha latte from there– it tastes as good as I remembered!

Long time, no play!! We got together with some friends to play Catan a couple of weekends ago. It was a blast. Espresso martinis and Catan?! A great combination. It had been a while since I last played and I was a little rusty. (So weird how we used to play almost weekly and then I pretty much had to relearn all the rules!) Once we got going though, it all came back and we had so much fun!

Do you think someone missed his bathtub time or what?! Jack now goes into the bathroom saying, “Bath? Bath?” So happy to have bath time back in action.

We’ve been walking into town to watch trains go by. What a thrill for a train obsessed toddler!!

Jack’s first real Easter egg hunt! One of his friends from daycare invited him to an egg hunt and he had so much fun. I thought it would be over his head, but I was wrong. The big kids had eggs with candy and the little ones got little toys instead…. you should have seen his face when he opened an egg to find a mini football.

Hallelujah for picnic weather. Nothing better than being able to picnic on a handmade quilt, too.

If you need an easy weeknight meal, I can’t recommend this kale salad enough. So, so delicious and a breeze to make. We loved it so much that I’m going to bring it to our Easter gathering as a side. For our dinner, I made some chicken to serve on top.

I planted a bunch of hydrangeas in our backyard….. Hoping for the best. I went with the Proven Winners Incrediball plants because I’ve heard they’re much heartier and perfect for our zone. Fingers crossed…. I’m kind of kicking myself for not doing this right when we moved in?! Why didn’t I?!

Park dates are the best kind of playdates.

Nothing like a little Easter care package with favorite candies! Thanks Meesh.

Still obsessed with my new pickleball bag(Here’s my gingham paddle.)

I’m taking a live Peloton class in the city tomorrow. I cannot wait!!! Felt like I needed a fresh outfit for the occasion so I popped over to the store in the mall and picked up this sports bra and matching leggings.

I just got this Tuckernuck blouse in the mail. It’s beautiful! I don’t really ever wear yellow but maybe I should more?! It’s so cheery and the little bow closure is adorable.

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