ON MY RADAR 4.7.23

I have to admit that after a couple of weeks of being super lazy, I kicked into full gear this week getting everything back in order and catching up and getting (dare I say it?) a little ahead. I was doing the bare minimum and letting things at the house slip through the cracks…. laundry sat unfolded, I hadn’t done a proper grocery trip, there was a pile of clothes I had tried on and needed to address, my office was disorganized. Honestly, I had just been having so much fun with Jack and then enjoying time with friends and spending my evenings doing things I wanted to do like read and needlepoint…. so I just let the chores fall to the wayside. Worth it…. but I will say it feels good to have everything back in order.

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // American Girl Office Supplies

Ummm HELLO. I need everything. American Girl has a line of little office supplies featuring American Girl historic prints. I really love that these are the classic prints without being overly childish. Like do I need a Samantha print tumbler or a Molly argyle notebook?! Such a genius collection.

TWO // Easy Vegan Peanut Butter Eggs

A Reese’s dupe!!! I love Reese’s Eggs– they’re hands down my favorite shape. The chocolate/peanut butter ratio is 💯 I think I’ve linked to a similar recipe before, but resharing because maybe this is the year I actually make them?! Seems like a fun little afternoon activity.

THREE // ChappyWrap’s Mother Day Collection

I can’t get enough of ChappyWrap’s collection for Mother’s Day. So many beautiful, springy prints. Honestly… you don’t even need to buy them for Mother’s Day. They would work for anyone. The dotty stripe and the classic gingham are my faves.

FOUR // Emily Henry Profile

Emily Henry’s romance never cease to entertain me. They’re light, easy to digest, and just… I don’t know? Nice?? Whenever I’m in a reading slump or need a palate cleanser after a particularly heavy or dark book, hers hit the spot. Loved learning more about her as an author and how she got started! I’m currently reading (and loving!) her forthcoming novel Happy Place.

FIVE // Primary Track Shorts

I have been on the hunt for cute shorts for toddlers. (Maybe I need to just dedicate a full post?!) These little track shorts from Primary look adorably sporty and gender neutral. These look super comfy for Jack to play in all summer long.

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Could you do a round up of summery wicker, straw purses? Also do you remember where those canvas boxes you have stacked in your closet are from?