DIARY No. 95

Here’s what I’ve been up to over the past two weeks, according to my camera roll!

I ha to limit the number of playground pictures I included to one… we are there nearly every day!!! Jack has been a playground fan since his early days, but only recently has the whole “world” of the playground opened up to him now that he can do things unassisted. The baby swing is still a favorite though. I wish we had space in our backyard for one!!!

We had a great Easter at Mike’s sister’s house. Jack’s cousins coordinated with his carrot shirt by wearing these dresses with orange sashes. So cute.

The ladies at Trader Joe’s strike again! We love getting sticker-bombed at check out!!!

Making serious progress on Mike’s stocking. It’s funny because one day, I’ll feel like I’m really cruising and the next day I’m daunted AF by how much remains….. I try to stitch every night. When I’m working on one area, it feels like I’ll never finish it, but I think I am at a point where if I step back, I can feel satisfied with the progress. I just have to keep going to try to make the finishing cut off dates!!

A glorious working day at Sunday Motor. Between the pandemic and becoming a mom, I do not take these coffee shop work sessions for granted anymore. I savor every second of the ambient noise and $6 delicious lattes.

Margaux sent me a pair of their summer sandals. Cannot wait to wear these as the weather continues to heat up!!

We had a blazing hot day last week for pickleball. I basically bathed in sunscreen beforehand and threw on my new monogrammed pickleball visor!! I felt so sporty 😜 Comes in a bunch of colors!

I’m trying to get Mike to do a post about how he prepped for our backyard get together. We did tacos with beef and chicken he smoked and everything was delicious. So good for a large group of people and relatively easy to make.

The moms on our street have banded together to get a bunch of these signs for when the kids are out. Our little army– and this isn’t even picturing all that we have between the various homes!

Can we talk about this picture perfect spring day?!?!?! The dogs were out there rolling around in the grass like puppies. Loving every second.

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Sooo jealous of your beautiful, warm weather! Fresh snowfall last night and 29 degrees right now where I live!