DIARY No. 96

Here’s what we’ve been up to according to my camera roll from the last two weeks!

A new bookstore opened up in the center of our town! It’s nature and season themed and I just love the concept… and the actual shop looks so nice and inviting! I haven’t popped in yet, but I’m hoping to visit soon.

I got to preview the Mansion in May, which is now open to the public. (You can still get your tickets here if you’d like to tour– proceeds benefit Morristown Medical Center.) Jenn Muirhead, our interior designer, designed one of the guest bathrooms and…. I’m a little biased, of course, but it was my favorite room. I absolutely LOVE IT. We had no plans to redo our primary bathroom and now I kind of want to 🤣 Isn’t that how it always goes?!

Speaking of which, I have a photographer coming in a couple of weeks to (finally!) shoot our finished rooms. We have one little hiccup in our bathroom, but aesthetically it’s good to shoot and we had our sconces installed this week. That was the last big item on the checklist. I’ve been adding in some more of our personal touches and it really feels like a new home! (Here are details for the classic silhouette.)

I am obsessed with this classic one-piece from J. Crew– they just marked it down!

I got Jack a pair of these pickleball PJs and he’s never been more excited about a piece of clothing. He was mindblown that his pajamas had pickleballs and paddles on them! (Two of his favorite things lately.) They run a touch small.

A go-to lunch for me lately… No real recipe, just a bunch of delicious things in one bowl: tomatoes, cucumber, rice, shredded chicken, tzatziki, pickled onions, and feta!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Peonies are popping up in stores and I will have them in my house from now until the end of the season. I don’t care that they’re basic, I love them.

And speaking of pretty blooms. The wisteria around this town right now is popping off. I had to shoot a campaign and found the most beautiful wisteria to shoot in front of. They are my favorite photos I think I’ve ever taken and I can’t wait to post!

Jack Jack killing the scooter game. Thank you Micro Kickboard so much! You made Jack’s year.

We were feeling sooooo cooped up with all the rain we’ve been getting. I took matters into my own hands and suited Jack up in our rain gear and hit up the playground. It was misting when we left the house and was straight up pouring by the time we got there…. but he was having so much fun. Puddles everywhere and, most excitedly, he had the entire place to himself.

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Does he have a balance bike. I don’t know what age they start but I bet he would love one.

Hallie Melchione

Peonies?! Basic?!? They are anything but- in my opinion 💕 enjoy them!


Do you have details on his little rain gear? Looks adorable (and effective)!


The little scooter is ADORABLE and also the tiny Hunter boots! Also I’m with you on that bathroom…the cutest sink with a skirt. Love!