Divine Intervention?

I believe I may have encountered a true Divine Intervention today.
And I need your help!!!
I’m a coxswain for the men’s heavyweight rowing team here at Georgetown. We have morning practices and it’s been pretty cold every morning.
I rowed in Florida all through high school and never had to deal with cold weather, so I am not adequately equipped with the proper gear.
I’m slowly accumulating the proper wardrobe, but my feet are still chilly!!! I typically wear sneakers on a normal day and LL Bean Bean Boots when it’s rainy. I’m very anti-Ugg though. I think it has something to do with girls from high school wearing Uggs and denim skirts.
Today, I was shopping around Georgetown. I finally broke down and went to try on a pair of Uggs. I decided on a grey pair. I went to check out, but the salesman told me that it was declined. Um, yeah, notsomuch. Within thirty seconds of me beginning to freak out (even though I KNEW it was THEM, not me), I received an email on my crackberry informing me that there was suspicious activity on my card. Two seconds after reading the email, Bank of America called to confirm the weird charges.
Sure enough, the store had charged me FOUR times in FOUR states within seconds of ringing me up. I was SO thankful that BOA saved me! The lady was so helpful and cancelled my card. Luckily, there is a Bank of America right down Wisconsin, so I scooted over there and got a temporary card. Don’t worry, the shopping continued at Vineyard Vines!
I’m considering this story a Divine Intervention for me to stay away from Uggs. But I still need to keep my feet warm!!!
What do you all think? Go with Uggs? Or something else? Or suffer? Ah! Help, please!
-College Prepster
PS IF, and only IF, I actually get Uggs, I will only be wearing them for crew related purposes.

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How terrible! At least BOA called you and you were able to clear everything up!

I've got to say, though, that Uggs aren't great crew shoes (for coxswains), because they never quite smell right again after getting even a little bit wet! Which is more than likely, given the nature of the sport…

Veuve and Varsity

I have to say I like them (I have 2 pairs) but over here (in New Zealand) they don't have such a bad reputation… they are super comfy and warm. I would say try some on and see how they go. If you like the feel get them. But either get the original color (beige), grey, black or dark chocolate – in my opinion other colors are tacky especially pink or white!


I love the pink ones just for treking around campus on cold, cold days!!! I would definately buy them not for crew, but just because pink is my favorite color and they are very feminine looking. Cozy and warm!!!

Tori Wilber

First I love your blog am a new fan… I have lots if uggs and where them around. I also sail and wear them during thr fall season. I also Like the crocheted one too they are comfortable and are cute to!


could you use them just as "commuting" shoes? as in, down to the boathouse, change into something a bit more waterproof for coxing, then change back when you're done?

i love my mine, they're obscenely comfortable. i got them in high school for commuting purposes to and back from ski team. they're just so warm and comfy. but i have never nor will i ever wear them with a skirt or whenever it's over 50.

C in VA

Sorry-I'm totally anti-ugg. They are not stylish and make people's feet look like hooves. Plus they are really terrible on your feet (skuff skuff skuff). People are always saying "but they keep me so warm!" as an excuse and then continue to wear them everywhere.
I'm going to have to say no go unless you strictly wear them at the boat house.

PS. everyone is entitled to their opinion! I know how some of you girlies love your uggs!

Headbands and Hand Bags

It's cold, it's early, Uggs could not be that bad! I am an Ugg owner, not proud, but I live in the home of the greatest snow on earth so they go with the territory, anyway, let me tell you, last year I found some great North Face boots! They are fur lined, lace up, and for winter boots, really pretty cute! Keep your eye on the North Face to see what this years model looks like! It might be your solution!

Lawfully Preppy

I really love my Uggs, but if you are only going to use them for crew, then I don't think you should buy them. I feel like you could find a pair of boots better suited for crew, and spend the money you would have spent on Uggs on something you really want!


I am a new fan & stubbled upon this blog may I suggest that you look into something with gore tex should keep your feet warm & dry.
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Oh uggs. You either love them or hate them. I used to be very anti uggs (umm why do you even need them in Southern California??) but I bought a pair to wear in DC. At least the pair I have now are authentic and actually from Australia!


I was very anti-Ugg, but it was so cold one winter (while I was living in Central Florida, mind you) that I bought the faux ones at Target. They are super, super warm and although I don't wear them on a regular basis, I'm certainly glad I have them on chilly days!


I used to be EXACTLY like you on the concept of Uggs. Any time I saw them, I wanted to gag. (UGG! 😉 But for Christmas this year, I asked for a pair because I, like you, needed something to keep my feet warm. I must admit, they are VERY comfortable. I got the chocolate brown, tall boots. I STILL HATE the light tan uggs, that are short, maybe because EVERYONE has those! I still think that they are shapeless, but with the right outfit, it can work. I wear mine with argyle sweaters, or cable knit shirts. (And of course pearls!) It is pretty cute!! I guess Uggs are a personal opinion. Either you love em, or hate em!!

Let me know if you break down and buy a pair!!