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A month or so ago, I did a post about Back to School for Elementary aged kids. I commented about making sure everything a student brought to school was labeled in. My lunch box was left on my bus on an almost weekly basis!
Oliver’s Labels graciously sent me samples of their labels. Let me say, these are awesome.
If your child has a tendency to lose things or leave them behind, definitely look into these labels. The company offers a variety of labels for shoes, toothbrushes, lunch boxes, t-shirts, sippy cups, etc. Browse through the Product section.
The labels themselves are great for kids! They have designs for kids of all ages. I’m a bit partial to the Animal Faces. Some of the designs are made for allergies (Gluten, Nuts, Dairy, Eggs, & Seafood).
Once you have labeled everything your child owns, what happens when it’s lost? Oliver’s Labels provides a “Found-It Tracking System.” The labels with this system have a code printed on them and the person is directed to the website where they can report the item as found.

Here are the labels I received. I got the Polka Dot design. The ones on the left are the “Original Labels.” The labels in the upper right are “Mini Labels” and bottom right are “Shoe Labels.” You can customize yours with Last Names and Phone Numbers. (And the Found It System).

I put a label on the underside of my Cox Box!

And the inside of my cell phone back cover.

And my calculator case!
Have a great Columbus Day!
-College Prepster

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