DIY Photograph Art

I’ve had this Dahl House frame, but didn’t have a great picture for it. I kept meaning to find and print a picture at school for months, but never got around to it! (I always have the best intention of printing photographs and it rarely happens… except for Instagram Photostrips!)
Inspired by this printed canvas my mom had, I set out to create a pretty little inspirational photo-art picture for the frame.
I used Photoshop and here are the elements I used for the layers:
Photograph with the big scene of Healy Hall for the base layer
I desaturated the image and re-colored the trees and lamposts.
Butterfly image for the wings
I deleted the antennas so they didn’t show up poking out of my head.
Big picture of myself
I used the magic lasso to grab “me” from another photograph.

I used a J. K. Rowling quotation!
“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.” – J. K. Rowling

Here’s what the file looks like when all the layers are added and arranged. I saved as a JPEG and sent it over to Walgreens. Forty minutes later, drove over and picked up the print! Super, super simple!
I love it!!!

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Julia D.

Such a cute idea. I love that quote. As easy as you make it look, I think I'm far too technologically challenged to ever do one myself.