Going for the Gold!!!

I really wanted to do this post on July 27th…. that’s the day of the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics! But I totally could not wait. I mean, I have caught the Olympics bug.
I do enjoy the Winter Olympics, but Summer Olympics is just super special. I’m so so so soooooo excited!
It’s really hard to believe that I had just graduated high school and was ready to off to Georgetown for my freshman year during the 2008 Olympics. Talk about time flying!!!
In the spirit of the upcoming games, this post is all things gold.
What’s everyone’s favorite events? I’m partial towards the rowing events, but I also LOVE gymnastics!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooo!
PS There are so many idioms with “gold” in it:
good as gold, going for the gold, all that glitters is not gold, heart of gold…..

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Who can resist the thrill of the swimming events?
With all things gold and your jewelry selections, my fun gold piece are Love Knot earrings. They go with everything!

Sarah Morris

Love all the summer Olympic games but would say I prefer swimming, volleyball and gymnastic events the most. I hear ya on catching the Olympic fever – I've had it since I returned from study abroad in London. And after watching the Olympic trials this weekend – woah, I'm hooked tight on the Olympic chain.

Julia D.

At the risk of straying from the pack, I have to say I'm a much bigger fan of the winter Olympics. I'm a lover of snow and winter sports, so it only makes sense that I like the winter games better. Besides, I don't think anything can top the 2010 Olympics. I'm a proud Vancouverite who was lucky enough to be in town for the games and is still experiencing post-Olympic depression. Watching it on TV just won't seem as exciting.