I’ve recently gotten in a terrible habit.
I go to bed…. and wake up at 1 am.  Like clockwork.  I get “bad tapes” in my head… where I think about things nonstop.  My cure?  Documentaries.  On Netflix instant.
I watch one until I feel tired and then go to bed.  But honestly, I end up liking them so much that I am up until 3 finishing them!
My documentary recommendations:
Art & Copy
This goes through a history and the evolution of advertising.  It provides an inside look at some of the most memorable campaigns.  Absolutely inspiring!
Nursery University
Scary.  And surprisingly funny at times.  The documentary follows families around while they apply to preschools in Manhattan.  It’s cut throat.  Juliana and her parents were my favorites.
The September Issue
I want to be Anna.  End of story.
It was also a little depressing… She details how it was decided that she would be the editor of Vogue and how people (including her family) think fashion and the industry is just silly.  There was an odd sadness and loneliness that seeped into her interviews.
Michael Jackson’s This is It
Phenomenal.  He was truly a genius.
Beautiful film.  Think Black Swan minus the creepiness.  Lots of dancing!!!
America the Beautiful (
You might lose all faith in humanity.  It’s sickening to watch.  But also important…. All girls should be required to watch this.  It really brings to light the issues in today’s society with women and media and advertising and modeling and everything.  Very intriguing.
I really recommend all of them.  They’re all different, but each provide a story that I found completely interesting.
Happy Viewing!!!

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Please, please, please while you're on your Netflix instant documentary kick watch "Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son about his Father" It is gut wrenching, brutal, but most of all, honest. I never ever cry about anything, but this doc was the most moving thing I've ever seen. It's gut wrenching and honest but so so worth it. It's kind of different, but it's so so good.

I follow you both on your blog (via google reader, another love of mine), and your tumbler… good stuff on both. But seriously watch Dear Zachary… it is so so good. Truly amazing.



Thanks for the recommendations! I loved The September Issue as well and I agree about the loneliness and sadness that appeared.
I'm thinking Ballerina and Nursery University are now being added to my queue. Thanks!


I watched Nursery University, it was actually really funny. America the Beautiful was sad too. This is random, but I really liked Hair by Chris Rock, another film about what we will do to be accepted.


I hear schools in LA(Nursery University) are like that movie you were talking about, like you have to see hand shoots and have to enroll pretty much enroll before they are 1 as well as(in some cases) paying more money or close to it for what you will pay for college(sometimes more then one year depending on where you go)


I watched America the beautiful on Hulu the other day by rec. from Mer (mer in cashmere) and I was just left with my jaw dropped on the floor.

If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend you check out Valentino: the last emperor. It is truly amazing.


I'm seriously behind on the times…thank you for these recs. I'm impressed with your ability to be in bed early enough to wake up at 1am. My schedule was so wack at Georgetown apparently. Also, I'm praying you have some AMSTUD friends who did a documentary…I did one my junior year on beer. So fun 😉 get some sleep, pretty lady! xoxo {av}

Deanna Pai

When I was at Conde Nast over the summer, I got into an elevator with Anna Wintour. Twice. It was unbelievably frightening, because you can't really tell what age see is and you can feel an ice cold chill. I was warned to never ever say anything to her, but even if I wanted to, I was way too scared. Maybe watching the September Issue could help allay my fears — I've been dying to do so anyway!


I liked the September Issue, but it was sort of sad. I'll have to watch Ballerina and Nursery University–gotta love Netflix Instant on Apple TV!


My favorite is Mad Hot Ballroom– inner city NY kids learning to ballroom dance! So good!


I'm a fairly recent new reader and I was happy to see your suggestions! I love documentaries. I just watched a great one today on Netflix– A State of Mind. It was about two North Korean gymnasts preparing for a performance… but it is a crazy rare glimpse into the lives of a Communist society. I was shocked! Very informative and interesting.


i had been wanting to watch 'America the Beautiful' for forever. after seeing this post and you saying that it was on hulu, i watched it. i love documentaries.


Ballerina is probably one of the best documentaries I have ever seen! And I'm adding all of the ones I haven't seen yet to my queue- thanks for the recommendations!


Thanks for the recs, but I’m sorry to hear you have bad tapes playing. Hope you push through whatever is bothering you and you manage to get them under control. Wishing you all the best xx