Inspiration PART 1

I’m sitting here on my bed trying to think of new blog posts.
I schedule mine, of course, so I try to write a week’s worth at one time and have then ready to go each day.
Literally, without fail, every single week I panic thinking I’ll never be able to come up with seven posts next week.
Right now, I’m panicking.  Correction: I was panicking.
Where do I come up with my inspiration?!?  
Now I’m inspired to post about inspiration.
I’m going to do a three post series of where I get my inspiration.
First up
I must always have a pad of paper and a pen on hand because I get 40 percent of my ideas from daily life.  I never know an idea is going to hit!
Must be prepared.
The tools:
1)  A tiny notepad that can be tucked into the tiniest of clutches.
(My favorite: the Lilly Pulitzer Lilly Pad!)
2)  A pen (or two or three) that is always ready to go.  Clicky pens are pretty great.  You can one handedly pop the pen and be ready for action.
3)  A good set of eyes and ears.  Be constantly looking and listening.  I like to look for patterns.  When I start seeing things occur a lot, I make a note of it!  Top of my list right now- Ostriche.
I get a lot of emails from new bloggers asking me how I come up with my ideas… Hopefully this helps you get a jump start on being prepared when inspiration hits!

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I really enjoy your posts about fashion. What attracted me to your blog was your idea of how to pair corduroy with different tops. Now that it's cold out, it's hard to look cute. I know Georgetown is cold, so maybe some ideas about how to look cute in the cold.


I agree with the first comment, I love fashion posts! Especially ones that discuss winter fashion. I have plenty of cute warm weather clothes (white skirts and Jack Rogers, anyone?) but I, too, would love to see some ideas about how to look cute in cold weather.


Great tips! I always have a notebook with me; you never know when inspiration will strike, and it's quite difficult to remember what your great idea was three hous later!