Inspiration PART 2

I don’t get around to reading them all the time for a few reasons (namely I’m busy… but also because I don’t have subscriptions at school haha).
Soccer Mom keeps STACKS of magazines for me to read while I’m home on breaks.  I have a good system when reading magazines… I take exactly 45 minutes to go through a magazine.  If I get through it earlier, I go back through until I hit a total of 45 minutes.
Ads are most definitely not overlooked.  They’re quite important actually.  I tear out ones that I really absolutely do NOT want to forget about, but I try to just take mental pictures and notes to come back to when I’m in a rut.
I love Glamour magazine.  I never used to read it, but now it’s definitely my favorite.  The ads are always fantastic and the articles are great too.  And obviously, the fashion is fun fun fun!
I try to just soak up each page.
I can’t go through a magazine without wanting to completely revamp my wardrobe.
What advertisement have I recently pulled out?
The White House Black Market ad with the GIANT pink bow.
More magazines that give me the best inspiration for writing blog posts: Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, Lucky, Teen Vogue.
Do you find inspiration from magazines?
Which ones are your favorite!?

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The Aly Way

Southern Living, Coastal Living, Shape, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, British Gossip Magazines, Women's Health, Conservationist Magazines, and when I travel I love to get the local magazines. Be it in Chicago, Boston, Paris, or Amsterdam. The first time I was in France, I bought a French Vogue and it was my favorite keepsake and inspiration to collect more. Fun post!

The City Boy

i like your idea about 45 minutes for a magazine. I always end up with a huge pile and never face the pile because i think about how much time it will take to go through them all.

I love the Wall Street Journal Magazine…great ads!

Morgan Anne

This dress is absolutely gorgeous! I love your blog so much, and I subscribe to PrepTalk! Mason is actually my RA!! I just wanted to let you know I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award! Check it out at


I love Glamour, too! My parents starting subscribing because we had extra frequent flier miles and now I'm obsessed. I'm with you about it taking 45 minutes; I'm notoriously thorough in reading my magazines.