Inspiration PART 3

See my little folder– Inspiration.
I drag and drop pictures in there ALL the time.  When I am at an all-time low, I will consult my inspiration folder.
It is for emergencies ONLY!
This means that every month or so, I check to see what I have found pretty or inspiring.  I love it!
Here are the folders of how I organize my photos and links in “Inspiration.”
Going through the folders always can spark at least one blog post!  And I’m out of my rut!!!
Tumblr is a great place to find beautiful and fun ideas, as well as We Heart It.
And guess what!
I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs and my followers!  I love checking out what crafting projects, cooking/baking recipes, and clothing stores you all shop at!
So, thank YOU very much for continuing to keep me inspired!!!

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you're a girl after my own heart–organization is TOTALLY key. thank you for keeping US inspired, pretty lady! xoxo {av}

Mrs. Kindergarten

Your organization and OCD qualities will help you to be oh so very successful in life! I even have my paperclips sorted…pink/green and siler! Life is G.O.O.D.!

Mrs. Kindergarten