Dog Person

I am not a dog person. I used to be afraid of them. Hard core. Frankly, the whole “domesticated animal” thing freaks me out. I LOVE my cats, but if I think too much about how their dirty and gross paws walk over the floors we step on, it grosses me out and don’t even get me started on the hair.

But why am I all of a sudden picturing a DOG in my future life?!?! I DON’T UNDERSTAND!

For a while I wanted a micro pig. They’re seriously cute. But would it be worse to be the creepy “pig lady” as opposed to a “cat lady?”

Next, I stumbled across these baby bulldog videos on youtube. DON’T WATCH- YOU WILL WANT ONE IMMEDIATELY. Jack the bulldog is the mascot for Georgetown. And I’ve been seeing bulldogs everywhere now. And I kinda want one. English OR French.

Then my bulldog obsession turned in an Akita love. [Which by the way, is the dog in RENT… “Akita Evita, just won’t shut up. I believe if you play non-stop that pup will breathe his very last high strung breath…” Anyone else a musical fan?!]

Akita #1: Mookie: shaved, deaf, old. But so freaking cute.

Akita #2: Random dog on the Waterfront

So I’ve been trying to figure out what has created this obsession with getting a dog??? I’ve been spending a lot of time in Barnes and Noble and it takes a LOT of energy not to go look up books on the different breeds of dogs.


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Maddie Kay

Dogs are the best! I have three dogs and they are my life! They are such loving animals. I actually just did a post about a book from a dogs point of view yesterday.

If you do end up getting a dog I recommend a pound dog. Sometimes they even have pure bred dogs if that's what you are looking for.



I wanted a micro pig so badly! There was a documentary on last week (bbc1) about them however and apparently they are just 'slow growing' pigs, this poor woman has bought two mini ones and now a few yrs later and 2 HUGE pigs – erm not so much!! haha

I would love a miniature schnauzer though – so cute!


I love having a dog! I'd suggest if you're not sure that you go with a smaller dog, they're easier to handle and you can take them with you most places (i.e. freedom!) I have a pomeranian-dachshund mix, he is absolutely the most adorable thing ever! I couldn't imagine life without him!


I have to say if hair bothers you I would consider non-shedding. I have three (non-shedders, part poodle) & I love them.

Also I would consider rescue. and are great sites to just browse and see what breed really catches your attention. Many have mini profiles and you can ask the foster mom/dad's questions about the dogs temperment etc. Many are also already housebroken, trained, and socialized!

Also (& most importantly) talk to people who have dogs (especially if you are thinking Bully as many have skin issues, behavior problems, eye issues, etc).

The more you know about the breed the better off you will be, as these little guys can live for 10-18 yrs!


I'm also a dog person. Poodle mixes won't shed, which would make the job infinitely easier!
Cats… well, I have a problem with an animal that defecates in the house and doesn't flush it after.


the one thing that can cheer me up quick on a bad day is puppy videos on youtube. my favorite breed is the boxer. we have one and she's definitely become our spoiled little girl!


I'm a dog person as well. I love my new puppy that we got this winter! He's still a puppy and absolutely adorable. He is a cockapoo (half cocker spaniel half poodle) and doesn't shed! I love him!!

Kathie Truitt

I have a miniature schnauzer. They are so adorable but very yappy and high energy. They need lots of attention and exercise. They really love to play. But they are small and easy to take places. I also have an Akita/Lab mix. Akita's are very, very loyal and very protective. You'd never have to worry about anyone breaking in your apartment or trying to rob you while you're out at night. Labs are good – but only after they're grown. I can't see you having one if you're just starting out. As puppies they destroy EVERYTHING! How about a Corgis? Bulldogs are very laid-back and good dogs, too.

You think you're not a dog person, but trust me, once you have one and you see how much this animal loves and adores you, you will wonder how you ever did without him/her. No one will love you as much as your dog.


Oh my goodness those little baby pigs are really cute!! heehee! I personally am in love with toy collies. If I were to get a puppy that would be my first choice! xoxo


A poodle does not shed…had one but with a fenced yard…no walking…no stangers…no dog parks to meet other dogs…do not like strange dogs or dogs without their leashes…which is the law here even at the beach…but…people do not follow the laws when it comes to their dogs. Sorry, not really a supporter of dogs.

Erin @ I Should Be Studying....

Another dog lover in the mix! Smaller is definatly better to start out with as is older. Puppyhood can be very daunting! Though for some reason I get a new puppy every year or so! You look at them and fall in love.
Don't worry I'm not a hoarder! At the end of the year they leave me and are trained to be service dogs! Right now I have two dachshunds, a Lab/Golden and a JR/Rat Terrier!