Plane!!! (with funny videos!)

Hello Hello! While you’re reading this, I’m probably somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean… on my way to ENGLAND!

I seriously cannot believe the day has come for our epic journey to England for the Henley Royal Regatta.

Here are some videos of us… we had practice at 5 am and we got bored while our coach was adjusting some of the riggers the boys started throwing rocks. Why? Who knows. But it seems fitting since Hoya Saxa (our school moto) means What Rocks.

Here are the boys doing their little competition. Notice that I have to take on the Mom role and make sure they don’t hit someone with the rocks!

Oh and I can’t be left out of course! I have a smidge of a handicap if you can see haha…


ps the picture on top is of us with the oars… we had to bubble wrap them before we can take them on the plane… it was hilarious!

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