Don’t Give Up Yard Signs

Over the past month or so, when I was driving around town, I kept noticing these very simple, very powerful yard signs with positive messages. This wasn’t like a “here and there” kind of thing either– some streets had one in every yard!!! Every single time I saw one, I smiled and also wondered where they came from and what they were for.

Someone in our town’s Facebook page shared the link for the organization and I bought a pack for our street.

The story behind the signs is so poignantly simple: to spread messages of kindness and positivity so people know they’re not alone. The signs are sold in packs or you can buy individual ones. The signs themselves are basic and powerful, just a white sign with black lettering.

“You Are Worthy of Love.” “You Are Enough.” “You Got This.” “You Matter.” “Your Mistakes Do Not Define You.” 

A yard sign saying "Don't Give Up" planted in the grass.

I popped our sign in right by the Little Library. I snapped the photo right after I set ours up and left the rest for neighbors to come by and pick up if they wanted one!

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Carly these are such a great idea–especially in these chaotic and uncertain times. Thanks for sharing!


Every morning I look forward to reading your blog. This is such a lovely thing to see in the midst of all the negativity. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us.


Thanks for your blogs. Can you also make some vlogs showing your daily routine?

sofy from sxb

what a great idea! especially now that we are facing this pandemic…
I discovered your blog thanks to Daphné’s one and I really like both of them.
cheers from the confined France…