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Now that we’re home, and home for a while, I wanted to get on top of my workout routine ASAP. Working out is one of the top things that help my anxiety. While it’s nice to looked tone and it’s great to be healthy and strong, I really work out because it’s so good for my sanity. Additionally, I have been prioritizing getting into a routine around here and working out is important to me.

I started researching at-home workouts and got super overwhelmed. Especially now that every single local gym, personal trainer, and streaming service seems to be offering something. For the record, I think this is AMAZING. I loved seeing all the dancers streaming live dance classes and personal trainers streaming HIIT classes. Once I started googling it too, the more ads I got for even more at-home workouts services. But it was information overload.

I feel like I’ve been pretty good about putting on a face on Instagram that I’m not freaking out though I am and it’s manifesting in the most bizarre ways. Last week, I was obsessed with getting eggs after Mike and I ate five in one day and I was scared to go into grocery stores so it resulted in me sitting in the parking lot of Whole Foods 45 minutes before they opened so I could be the first one in (with Lysol wipes on my hands) and the first one out with a carton of eggs in said Lysol-wrapped-hands. Well after I got the eggs, the new obsession was what to do for my workouts. I even considered buying a spin bike for a hot second– before remembering how much I don’t enjoy spin classes!!!

After I exhausted myself mentally, I realized I just wanted to try to recreate what I normally do: barre. That immediately narrowed down the options and after asking friends/you guys for advice, I landed on Pure Barre On Demand in addition to the outside running (a little fresh air!) and Youtube yoga sessions (easy mental break!).

This was a super long winded response to say… if you’re struggling with what to do at home, consider keeping it simple and doing something pretty close to what you already did. (Unless you didn’t do much, in which case, maybe now is the time to explore what kind of workouts you enjoy!)

I downloaded the Pure Barre On Demand. After one session, I felt so calm. It felt like a touch of normalcy in a time of uncertainty. Despite being at home with my dogs climbing all over me and I was using cans of beans (lol) instead of weights, it had the same effect as taking a class at the gym. My legs were jello walking up and down the stairs afterward. I got a little sweat in. I had the post-workout endorphins.

I did end up buying resistance bands, a ball, and hand weights. I figure it’s not the worst thing to have these small items at home to maximize my workout efforts.

Tag me in your at-home workouts. I think it can be fun to keep each other motivated and feeling positive 😌

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Hello Carly! It is important for everyone now too keep things positive and light – as much as possible. To workout from home is just great; I am watching also Youtube videos to have various kind of sessions (abs, cardio, legs, yoga, stretching) but what is most important for me is my very little run I do every morning.
Things to remember while you are experiencing this social distancing: you are not alone. Nearly everyone in Europe is lock down inside.I am locked in a tiny apartment in a big city (no direct sun, no yard to get fresh air easily) and I need to carry an official authorization each time I put my feet outside. But I feel lucky: some colleagues have the exact same situation but with kids around and they need to do the teacher for home-schooling + their regular job.
Just to tell you – to tell you all: you are not alone, we are all going through the same mess, keep going, keep smiling, keep dancing in your tiny place while singing out loud, life if going on and it does not help to stress out too much. This will pass and in a few months it will be behind. Meanwhile: try to enjoy it as much as you can!
Good luck to everyone.


So far I have been doing a yoga video each morning (usually quite short, 20 min or so) and going for a walk in the afternoon or early evening (also quite short, 20-40min). I want to add more to my routine, but at least for now I am not sitting still inside all day!

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Love the ideas of working out at home. To be honest, I have many things in mind to do when I’m home, from watching all the TV series and TV shows I want to watch, to work-out, read more books… Everyday will be a fun day.


Hubs and I were talking about what a small mercy it is that all of this is happening on the brink of spring/summer. Being able to go for walks, runs, and hikes, with plenty of fresh air and sunshine, will go really far in keeping everyone sane. Especially if this goes on for months, which it looks like it might.

supal // @supaldesai_

So glad you share this! I’ve been just searching and finding youtube videos along with supporting health coaches that are doing IG Live classes. It’s been so nice! PS – loved the video you posted on stories. Your pups are so cute when you work out hahaha


My husband is a big video game guy and got Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch for Christmas. I’ve been playing it since January and it’s such a good at-home workout! It’s definitely coming in handy now. I recommend it for people (like me) who typically do HIIT-type workouts but who don’t want to think too hard about planning their workout. You just start it up and get to work!


Hi Carly! Thank you for keeping a positive space during this time 🙂 I’m new to working from home this week, and my anxiety shot through the roof. I’ve been doing an Obe Fitness workout mid-morning and I love it! I really miss my workout classes, and this is a great replica. I’ve also been doing a walk for my after work “commute” to help my brain wind down!


Hi, Carly! I have a Peloton bike and it has been saving me during all of this! I wasn’t a fan of spin classes before trying the Peloton either and now I love it! They have great digital content as well so I can keep my workouts balanced with cardio, strength straining, yoga, and guided meditations! Love hearing how everyone is navigating home workouts during this crazy time!


I miss going to the gym! I am walking outside on a 1/2 mile track round and round until I get my steps in. Being in the fresh air is wonderful for my mental health. I am planning to add Yoga a few days a week.


Ahh! This is great. Report back on the Pure Barre if you can! I usually do Barre3 since it’s close but am looking to do some sort of barre exercise while home more and teleworking.


I teach barre and my studio closed, so this week has been tough for me! I’ll give Pure Barre a try. I also love Alo Yoga classes and Youtube and yoga/barre/pilates classes on Popsugar Fitness.
Btw, I used to read your blog, but recently came back to it. Narrowed down the blogs I read to quality content with not a lot of sponsored content or clothes to sell- yours fits that! You’ve also inspired me to try needlepoint.
Keep up what you’re doing. <3

Lauren G

So happy you recommended Pure Barre! I also saw they extended the 30 day free trial to 60 days free with code: extendedtrial !!

Lauren Hooper

I love that you’re doing PB On Demand! Is your local studio hosting livestream classes for clients? I teach at the PB in Madison, AL, and we do daily live-streams for our clients on our private FB page. It can be nice to have that same local studio energy and familiar voices/faces right now 🙂