The Sweet Lemon Magazine team and I are obsessed with doughnuts.  Like, 100% in love with the little confectionery treats.  The look, the smell, the cuteness… but especially the taste!!!
I am also Dunkin Donut’s biggest (coffee) fan and every time I drive through for coffee I am so tempted to buy a doughnut.  (And even more tempted when they give me a free one for completing the world’s shortest survey online.)
Our obsession came from one of the articles from the pilot issue.  We edited the magazine over and over and over again, but I would keep the PDF of the doughnut picture (page 115ish) and drooooooool over it.  I would personally crave doughnuts every single night.
And so the obsession began.  With Paris in Dubai, I decided to make New Year’s presents instead of holiday gifts for the two.  Of course, it had to be doughnut related… and well, Soccer Mom is an expert cake pop maker.  So making Doughnut Cake Pops seemed like an absolute no brainer.  (I also saw a picture of them in a really terrible and gross looking book, but thought I could do it better.)
The final results.  Can you say ADORABLE?!?  I mean, really.  It doesn’t get much better than that, right?  They were much more simpler to make than Soccer Mom and I were anticipating.  We strategized and envisioned the process before actually going for it and we thought it would be much more difficult than it actually was.  We followed typical cake pop procedure until right before we went to dip.
That is to say: we used one cake (did I mention that they are funfetti?!? even better.) and 3/4 can of frosting.  Rolled the balls.  Refrigerated for 15 minutes.
After taking them out of the refrigerator, I took my knuckle and pressed to make a small indentation.  This both flattened the sphere into a more “doughnut shape” and gave the cake pops the appearance of having a hole in the center.
We dipped the balls into light brown melted chocolate (white chocolate + red, yellow, blue food dye).  After that dried, I went around the doughnuts with a squeeze bottle with white super hot and super runny melted chocolate for the icing effect.  As I was doing that my mom sprinkled the sprinkles on behind me.  You must work quick with the chocolate since it hardens quickly!
A view from above.
Who else a doughnut fan?

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Madilene Lake

Those are absolutely adorable! 🙂 I would have never thought about the little indention – I would have tried to make an actual hole in the middle! Enjoy!


What a cute idea! And I can relate to you on the crazing doughnuts thing…luckily I have some self restraint or else who knows what I would be! 😛


These remind me of the Simpsons…even though I hate that show. But these are seriously EPIC!