The Beginning of the End

And so it begins.  The first day of my last semester.  Also known as the last first day of school.  Hopefully forever.  I have no intention of ever going back to school after this semester… unless I start my own reformed education place of learning.  But I digress…
While I sat in the back of the taxi on my way back to school, I was honestly quite sad about not being home anymore.  Yes, I’m a 22 year old senior and I still hate having to leave home.  But as the taxi drove over the Key Bridge and the university came into view… I was taken aback.
I was instantly brought back to the summer before my senior year of high school doing the generic college tour with my dad.  Georgetown was the last school I visited.  I liked a bunch of other colleges I toured, but I knew I was going to go to Georgetown.  I am fairly certain I turned to my dad five minutes into the tour and said, “Okay, I am going to Georgetown.”
I also remembered the day my parents helped me move into my freshman dorm.  We flew from Tampa with practically a million boxes on the airplane.  We spent a stressful couple of hours in Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  We couldn’t figure out which entrance to use to get onto campus with the rental car.  We pushed giant carts filled with everything I brought from the parking garage to the dorm… where the elevators were not on.  That first night that I spent in the dorm was strange and felt completely surreal… as if I were simply in a hotel and would be returning to Tampa the next morning.
My freshman year roommate!

And our ridiculous room.
It’s extremely difficult for me to wrap my mind around the fact that this is IT.  The last semester.  After every exam week, I would countdown: 1/8 complete, 1/4 complete, 3/8 complete… 
Here’s to finishing strong!!!

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Michelle P

Congrats on almost being done! I remember telling myself that I wouldn't go back, but now I'm getting my MBA. This year will be my last though.


Have a great first day! You're going to blink and this semester will be over. Congratulations!! 🙂 xoxo, eliza


This is so amazing, congratulations on your last first day of school! Just remember to work hard and keep on going! You're going to do great!


Your freshman roommate and I have the same initials!
I still get sad every time I leave home (and I'm a 22 year old SUPER senior) it just NEVER gets easy!


im starting my last semester at BU and It's so surreal how this whole experience is coming to a close. sometimes college feels like a super long vacation or sleep away camp (with a whole lot more work and less face painting) but it's going to be odd to adjust to what "adult life" will be!


Even though I'm a 44 year old mom, I love reading your blog! My daughter is a high school senior and heading off to college in the fall. She had visited several colleges and we thought she had made a final decision (Alabama). At the last minute, her guidance counselor threw Ole Miss into the mix. Tbone walked on campus and within 5 minutes turned to my husband with tears in her eyes and said, "This is it."
P.S. Your freshman room was adorable and I wish you nothing but sucesses in your future endeavors!

Dee Raz

I just started reading this blog and this post was really meaningful to me. I am 25 now and have been out of college for a couple of years now, but I still am so nostalgic for that time.I loved college so much that I went back and got my masters when I was 23, but it just wasn't the same. The atmosphere, the ability to get a coffee in between classes…those little things are most meaningful and some of the things I miss the most (so savor them!) And don't worry about freaking out about what to do post-grad, because I had that too. If I can help, just email me at All the best!