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Carly Heitlinger Dream Job

Someone at the park asked me how old Teddy was and I realized that his fourth birthday is just around the corner. As crazy as it is for Teddy to be four (!!!!), it also means that it has been almost four years since I quit my “real” job to run TCP full time.

never intended on blogging full time, but the work environment I was in had taken a turn for the worst, and I had to get out of there for my well-being. It had been a very long and stressful summer so I thought I’d take three months “off” (October-December) to regroup and then look for a new job in January. I thought I’d be bored working on my blog for myself and by myself. I wasn’t sure that I’d find it fulfilling once it went from my “hobby” (I use the term loosely because when I quit my job, I was bringing in twice my salary as blog income, but mentally it still felt like a hobby) to my only job.

It turns out that I LOVED being able to spend all day working on my blog. It wasn’t boring at all, in fact, I realized just how satisfying it was to work on something that I loved and see it grow with all of my energy. Versus what I had been doing which was working on it at night and weekends when I was exhausted. That October was my best month ever, and I quickly realized that I’d never be able to go back to a job where I’d have to put my blog on a back burner again.

I can’t say that working for myself is without its challenges because it’s not. Every year my challenges seem to grow exponentially, but every year I grow with (or maybe even because of) those challenges.

Even with the bumps along the way, I would say, with certainty, that this qualifies as a DREAM JOB. When I did the mental calculation in my head to figure out how old Teddy was plus how long ago I had quit my job, I was thinking just how lucky and grateful I am that this is my job.

But it also got me thinking about other dream jobs. I imagine everyone has their own definition of a dream job. Some are obtainable, and others are just fun to, well, dream about.

Whenever I do interviews for websites or panels, a question I inevitably get asked is: What job would I have if I didn’t have the blog? It’s a tougher question to answer than it seems at first. I can’t imagine my life without this blog, but I do have some lofty “dream jobs” that I’d happily take:

IDEO | I learned about IDEO when I was in college, and I bookmarked the application for when I got closer to graduation. I never ended up applying (because I had zero confidence)– and I’m still annoyed with myself. IDEO is a creative design consulting firm (I think that’s the most succinct way to describe it) and they solve all kinds of problems for various companies. A couple of years ago, I read that they have a 90-year-old designer, so I know it’s never too late to consider a career with them.

– Meditation + Yoga Instructor for Kids | This is actually something I really want to do. As I started practicing yoga, I realized that every child should be learning it. I wish I had started doing yoga when I was younger as I think it’s such a good mental practice. I think EVERY elementary school should start with breakfast (I also feel strongly that healthy meals should be provided for kids in school, but that’s another story for another day) and yoga. Now that I’m also getting into meditation, I’d love to go through training to teach it to kids as well.

– Marketing at American Girl | Not going to lie, I pull up Mattel’s career page every week or so to see if the AG team is hiring for specific roles. I didn’t think about it until it was too late, but I wish I had applied for an internship with Mattel in college. American Girl was such a major part of my childhood. I played with the dolls well after it was age appropriate. I loved it all: the dolls, the magazines, the books. I even had American Girl birthday parties two years in a row.

– Influencer Manager | This is going to make me sound crazy, but I’m fascinated by these pre-teen Musically (Musers, lol)/Instagram/Youtube stars. Once I found an internship for Instagram that was all about teen influencers and one of the requirements was that you had to be well-versed in the teen influencer space and, whether or not I’d like to admit it, I AM. I strongly considered applying but figured they were looking for college students and not 27-year-olds ha! But I would love to help some of these kids grow businesses. A lot of their parents end up managing (aka mismanaging) what they’re doing, and they end up missing HUGE opportunities. Do I have a deck ready to go in case I end up running into one of the parents somewhere? Yes. Am I insane? 100%. (If anyone knows the LeBlanc’s let me know because I want to completely overhaul Annie’s Instagram 🙃)

– Professional Reader | I don’t think this is a real job, but if it is, sign me up. I wish I had started a reading-only blog back in the day. I’ve considered starting a “bookstagram” to talk about the books I’ve read, but I don’t read books at a quick enough pace to keep up with all the speed-readers out there! For now, I’ll just keep sharing my favorites on here and on my Goodreads.

Mom! | I’ve always dreamed of being a mom. In my mind, it’s the ultimate “dream job.” Still at least a few years out from this one, but I don’t mind waiting for now!

What would be your dream job?!

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Several of my therapy clients, who are in elementary school, have yoga at school as part of their daily routine! It makes such a difference with the kids and helps regulate them!


Hi Carly! Tour dream jobs are si fun and unexpected! I’m happy to read that you consider Boeing a mom as a dream job, so many women sees it as a social regression and anti feminist nowadays! I’d love to keep Boeing a pediatrician in the morning and running a tea room in the afternoon where I would bake aller the pastries and cakes and people could read while eating and drinking in cosy chairs 🙂

Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

I love this, Carly! Congrats on being so successful with TCP, that’s amazing and it most definitely is such a great dream job! I would swoon to be a professional reader, too! But I definitely don’t read books at a quick enough pace either – ha! I love to mosey my way through a good book and it can take anywhere from a week, to a month – to a whole year for some of the biggest books (War and Peace! Ha!)

I hope you have a lovely Saturday,


From personal experience, being a mom tops it all. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I also love the tea room idea.

Beth A

If you will make the commute to RI you can me my fourth grade classes yoga & meditation instructor 🤗


I did an exercise the other day where I listed my “dream lives” as a way of getting inspiration for new skills and activities to take up in my spare time. Here’s what I came up with:
– Travel Blogger & Vlogger
– Creative Director
– Events & Partnerships Director
– Influencer Manager (coincidence!)
– Bakery & Gourmet Foods Store Owner
– Boutique Fitness Studio Owner
– Illustrator

Listing these out really has been helpful in determining the activities I try in my spare time, since I obviously can’t pursue all of these as a career!

Briana |


So, I would love if you could be an influencer or just a mentor for my daughter! She is a freshman at the College of Charleston majoring in Marketing. She wants to start a blog and needs guidance! I tell her about you all the time! She just interviewed with Vineyard Vines and wants to work in the store as well as be a campus rep! Any assistance from you would be great!!!! Also, I am a preschool teacher and love to do yoga with my children! The yoga/meditation job sounds great to me!


I would love to be a professional reader, but even reading my 60-80 books a year, I don’t think it’s enough! (I’ve heard you consistently have to be around 150 a year 🙁 ) Then again, maybe without work, I could make that happen!

I would love to work for a ballet company, really doing anything. I did all of my professional exams when I was younger, and I would have loved to stay in something related! Very cool post to mull on 🙂


Thank you for listing being a mom on here! I’m your age and a young professional without kids–but like you, I view someday being a parent as the ultimate dream job too:)

Southern & Style

I went to college for education and taught the last two years, but between blogging & the farm that my husband and I own-I was able to quit teaching this year and stay at home. While I loved teaching, working with him & for myself every day is so rewarding and will hopefully lead to my dream job of being a wife and mother!

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style


Loved reading these! Being a mom is definitely one of my dream jobs! Also, kind of related to the yoga/meditation thing in elementary schools…at my elementary school the principal would lead everyone in tai chi in the gymnasium every morning before we were dismissed to our classrooms! I still remember many of the moves, and my third grade teacher even taught my class more advance moves because we loved it so much. I certainly agree that meditation/yoga/tai chi should be taught to kids.

Kady Berrebbi

I really loved this post, Carly! I find it so interesting to see what others find fascinating in terms of career, especially when a person has a career that I already find fascinating 🙂
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and dreams with us! xoxo


The American Girl dream job is amazing – once I was Felicity for Halloween, and my mom made me a matching dress as my doll. It was my favorite!
As a kid, my dream job was always an author, but I think it would change that slightly now to journalist, either investigative or editorial/opinion related. I worked on my college newspaper and really loved it!


I’ve always felt that a dream job is a job you would do even if you didn’t get paid – but bonus if you do! Being a mom has been fantastic (my boys are 15, 17 and 19 so I’m showing how old I am!) but now that they’re getting older I’ve started paying attention to my passions! Photography is the top of my list and it still amazes me when I get paid for doing what I love to do. Your list is fantastic – especially because you can actually put into words what you would be happy doing!


This made me laugh because I looked at interviewing with Mattel in business school just because of American Girl!

Michelle Presley

Love this post! My husband and I recently took three months “off” as well. During that time, we lived in our van, traveled the U.S. and Canada, and I started focusing a lot more on my blog and personal writing. It really solidified my decision to leave my previous career (teaching) behind so that I could really focus on pursuing my passion for writing and travel. I’m not at the point where I can support myself financially from writing alone right now, so I’m having to look for other jobs all while keeping that “dream job” of working for myself doing what I love most at the forefront of my mind. It’s always great to read other people’s dream jobs and see how we all constantly change, grow, and thrive despite the challenges chasing dreams can bring. I love your work, Carly. Thanks for the reminder to keep striving for the dream jobs and to seek out opportunities to do what you love.

Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off

Aww loved this peek into Carly! You know, I actually think starting a bookstagram would be a grand idea for you! And it would be so interesting and engaging for us! Ooooh we could have like a virtual book club community where we read books along with you! Hehe or maybe I just know I need to read more so I’m trying to use this as a source of motivation 😉


I’m with you on the Professional Reader! My dream job, that I’m working towards right now, is to be in film and TV development where you get to read scripts all day and pick what’s good and what’s not! Sounds like something you might be interested in, too?

Christina |


Hi Carly! Loved your post! I’m almost 16 and I babysit like crazy. When I was younger my American Girl Dolls were my BEST friends. I would freak out every time a new catalog came in the mail and circle absolutely everything to show my mom my wishlist for my birthdays and Christmas! When I babysit, some of the little girls I watch are just starting to play with their own. I always bring my old dolls for the girls and I think I enjoy playing with them more that the kids do!! It always makes me feel so good to pull Kit or Felicity out of the retired toys bin to play with them again! I think working with the brand would be a dream come true, too!


I loved this post! My dream job is definitely a vacation planner (Disney vacation planner if we’re getting specific), but for now I’ll stick to planning all my family’s vacations instead, haha!


I definitely agree with bringing mindful and creative practices into the school system! I wish I had known a lot of what I know back then, and can’t even imagine how it is now with smart phones and social media culture. it could really help break through and provide some light in dark spaces. I also agree with providing healthy breakfasts! The impact food can have on minds and bodies should definitely be discussed, especially if the means aren’t provided at home. Totally another story for another day. Thanks for sharing!


A close family friend of ours had a kid that works at IDEO. She LOVES her job. It’s sounds like heaven!
My personal dream job is to work in political consultancy. 🙂

Brittany H

You can sign up for free on and become an ARC reader. And since you have an amazing blog and following, you’ll be approved for books in no time. Every person who first starts off gets a badge for professional reader.


After 7 years at college and grad school and then 2 years as a graduate associate, I finally landed my “dream job” but now that I’m here I am realising that it isn’t the job or the lifestyle I want. Kinda terrifying after the life/money investment it took to get me here (and I feel guilty knowing others would kill for my job and appreciate it more). Any advice? xx


I love this list, and hopefully after college I will able to get a job and also manage to run my blog. As much as I would love to blog full time it is not realistic for me but I never thought about working for American Girl before and I used to love playing with my dolls, reading the books and attending doll tea parties in Chicago. I also love to hear your story because your such an inspiration to me.

Meg //

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Thanks for much for sharing these! I’m pretty uncertain about my future right now, but I am feeling the pressure to figure out my career right now. We both have interests in blogging, so I really appreciated seeing other career interests you have. My college major has nothing to do with blogging. This year I want to actively look for different things that I haven’t yet considered 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Alicia Mae

Ooh your last two, professional reader & mom are definitely in my dream job list! I’d also love to be one of those people who travels the world and writes about their adventures 😊

And you should totally start that bookstagram, Carly! There are definitely a lot of speed readers on bookstagram, but there are plenty of people who read at a slower pace and fill their feed with books on their shelves, latest book hauls, etc. Or even different photos of the same book! 😀


Working with American Girl?! Ah! Sign me up!

i work in the medical field, so ANYTHING “un” medical related would be interesting for me (although i love what i do!)! My dream job growing up was to work with Southern Living or Garden & Gun magazine! I love to write and photograph. I also have ‘ambitions’ of being an old school homemaker like my grandmothers are/were. I love the idea of getting dressed for the day to tend to my family and cook….I know, call me crazy!


Love this! I am currently in the process of finding exactly what I want to do in life and not just settle in at a 9-5 job even if it is working with family. I’ve started to find my niche with blogging too. Other people have always questioned my passion for it but now it is getting more attention from everyone in general!


I’m in the same boat as you, Lauren. I feel like I’m going to go insane if I have to sit at a desk for the rest of my life -_-

Shannon Mahaney

You really are doing the dream job running this blog! I know as a reader, I really enjoy the time and dedication you put into each post.

My dream job would probably have to be writer/blogger and yoga teacher. I too have been looking into teacher training. I would love to teach people of all ages how to do yoga and live a happier life!


I think being a full-time blogger would be my dream job. I’ve worked at startups most of my life and being in charge of your own schedule is so liberating–but also so scary sometimes! It really goes to show how important it is to love what you do because then the hard work doesn’t feel like “work” (or maybe it does, but you don’t mind it as much).

Oh, and I’m pretty sure my uncle’s job is a professional reader. He’s a bit mysterious about it, so I’m not quite sure how he managed to pull it off



I’m going to be a mom in just about 5 weeks (insert scared face here) and I’m on the hunt for MY dream job! I know I’m going to love being someone’s mom, but I also don’t know if I’ll ever give up working in corporate marketing!


A dream job for me would be a 4 day work week and unlimited vacation time!!
ebony |


This is such a great post and I love thinking about my dream jobs! My dream job is to work in an animal sanctuary environment or do marketing or something similar for an animal non profit organization. Unfortunately because these jobs are few and far between, it involves taking unusual and unique routes to get there! lol


Omg!! I never thought of influence manager as a career! I want to go to school for talent management and I was thinking of going into casting or being an agent, but that’s a pretty good idea too!! Also, I totally relate to the Annie Leblanc thing lol. I want so badly to be a part of the “Chicken Girls” squad haha!


Hi. Just started reading your blog. I love these dream job ideas. I would love to be a yoga, meditation instruction, life coach and professional reader (if that existed, lol!)