Dresses on a Budget

I’m not the type of person to go out and buy “trendy” clothing. (I’m still regretting the ripped jeans from high school!) It’s not that I’m against trends, I’d rather just not spend a lot of money on something that will end up at the bottom of my closet in a few short months.
And sometimes I just want a cute dress for an upcoming event without spending too much money. I’ve received a million (okay, not quite a million but over 30) questions regarding dresses on a budget. I was on the hunt for cute dresses that weren’t your typical Forever 21/H&M frocks. And then my co-worker showed me a website and it was like hitting the jackpot. (Meredith, by the way, is definitely one of the funniest people I know. That girl can whip up a story in no time and is teaching me all sorts of pop culture references because I must be living under a rock.)
Anyway, apparently Meredith was googling something and stumbled on LuLu’s. Yes, some of the dresses are a little on the skimpy side… and some are a little to teeny bopper… but there are definitely some gems in there!!!
Mint Blue Sheath Dress | $65

This dress is just beautiful. I love the mint and I love the cut and I love the fabric. It’s perfect for the spring and can transition into the summer. I think it would be really cute with a simple blazer of it and a pair of nude pumps!

Okay, I mean… I cannot get enough polka dots.

I think this might be the perfect LBD. And it’s priced just right. How great is the bow detail around the waist?

This one is a little more expensive, but those metallic stripes are divine. 

Okay. Who’s ready to have a Gatsby party??? This. Dress. Is. Perfect. I have a serious obsession with the 20s and this dress is not helping. Oh my, it’s perfect, no?

Stripe for Greatness Black and White Striped Dress | $39

I just love this one. It’s classic, but still lots of fun. I think this could easily turn into a go-to dress for all kinds of events.

What are your favorite website for finding dresses on a budget?


PS The accessories are kind of adorable. This bow necklace? I die.

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Jessie Springer

I've never actually purchased anything from lulus but I have friends who are obsessed with the site! I'm not sure about the quality of the pieces, but they're perfect for experimenting with trends or dressing for an event. I definitely need to bookmark it 🙂



ModCloth is awesome because most of their dresses are actually really cute, not too skimpy, and lean toward the classic rather than the trendy. And though they do have a few expensive pieces thrown in, many of the dresses are around $40 or less–so actually budget.

I'm not sure in what world $60-80 dresses are considered "budget"–maybe when compared to $200 dresses, then yes…but they're not really budget for most of the college students reading this blog.


I have a very specific body type so I have to try things on. I typically shop at Marshall's, Ross, TJ Maxx, and Target. Those dresses are definitely a stretch for my budget.


I made the mistake of buying from LuLu's a few New Years ago. The dresses are made for juniors, not women in college. Its too bad because some of the dresses are so cute for events where you need a one time wear dress!


These dresses are so cute. I am starting grad school this summer, and I have been looking for dresses that are appropriate for class (ie. not showing my butt). I am long legged, and can't wear forever 21 dresses because they are so dang short on me. Some of these are super cute!


Love love love lulus! I found the website and have been hooked ever since! everything I have gotten from them is very high quality and looks so cute on! 🙂 The Boyfriend was even able to pick something out from lulus for my birthday present! Love it, and am so glad you found it!


Is one's time worth money? Sometimes, shopping online at a particular retail website is worth spending a little extra to receive a quality product without the hassle of waiting in a long store line. Some customers are willing to pay extra for convenience. They also may be willing to pay for a product which allows them to stand out in a crowd, such as unusual colour dresses. Or customers may simply want dresses that aren't like the others in their closet and the price of paying extra is worth it. Plus, customers need products in a short amount of time and big box stores cannot always deliver on time. Products on back order may delay delivers for large big box retailers. However, smaller online merchants can often navigate around these difficulties and provide fast, reliable and specialized service just because of their size. This aids customers who order dresses or any other merchandise and allows them peace of mind knowing they do not have to wait the standard six to eight weeks for their gown.


Pimkie (I'm in Germany) is my favorite shop for dresses. Zara is also a great option (usually 35€) and when it's sale season they're all at 16€!