Trust is a funny thing. There are so many caveats and nuances wrapped up within that one little word. To trust is both simple and challenging. To be trusted is both an honor and a burden. You want to trust someone… but you also don’t want to lose that trust. You want to trust yourself when making decisions… but you also feel conflicted and unsure about the choices you make.
I know I’m not the only one who would say that they don’t give out their trust all that much. We’ve all experienced times when our trust with someone was broken. (And, if we’re being honest… unfortunately, we’ve also probably broken someone else’s trust.) Because I don’t trust people all the time, when I do it means a lot. But if it’s broken it hurts that much more.
The elements of trust are seemingly endless. Trusting a coworker can really empower her to do amazing things. (Read: this means no micromanaging!!!) Trusting a friend with information will deepen your relationship. Trusting someone romantically is really the only way to build a relationship.

I’m sure this will be something that comes up time and time again for, well, ever. But having your trust broken is really one of the most terrible feelings. It’s like getting the wind knocked out of you and there is also that feeling of regret that you trusted them in the first place. At first, my emotions really lean towards anger towards that person. But then, I grow angry at myself. It’s really not a good thing.
And I’m always tempted to give up trusting anyone ever again. (I’ve considered the life of the hermit on multiple occasions, naturally.) But really, that’s no real way to live. For better or for worse, we will trust and we will be let down… sometimes. Even though it doesn’t feel good, every time you’re let down means you you are one step closer to finding someone who will maintain your trust. And that alone makes it worth it.
Do you trust people easily? Have you been let down before? How have you handled it?

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I tend to trust people easily, but I also can un-trust them just as easily (if that makes ANY sense).
The worst I've been let down was from my best friend of 15 years. I was devastated! But then I realized how many other people I could count on, and it made me feel like I wasted all of this trust and friendship on one single person just because we'd been friends for so long.


This quote is so spot on! After discovering that my boyfriend of 3 years had been cheating on me in a big, big way, I honestly wasn't sure how I'd ever be able to trust someone new. But, that's no way to live! You just can't let one person destroy your ability to trust others. I think a big part of that is trusting yourself to make good decisions about the people in your life, and most of all, trusting your gut when you sense someone might violate that trust. At the end of the day, you never know until you know, and I'm much happier assuming the best in people.


Love it! You're right. I have trust issues now ever since a guy I was talking to lied to me about having a girlfriend for 4 years. So trusting people is hard for me now.