[VIDEO] DryBar 3-Day Bender Curling Iron

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I bought DryBar’s 3-Day Bender curling iron. I absolutely love it. It’s different than other curling irons I’ve used because the barrel spins. BUT… When I first bought it… I hated it. I was going to return it, but decided to give it another try and I started to figure out how to really use it.
I made a video to show how it works because it does take a few little tricks!
Watch the video on Youtube 🙂
Do you have tips for curling your hair?

PS Let me know what other videos you want to see!
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Kaitlyn A. Sykes

Also, an idea for a future video: I would love to know how you pack your weekender bag for a weekend or short trip away. You seem to have it down to a science and I would love to pack as light as you!


Works for me, and I have the straightest of hair! Use this, as it has a high default temperature, and make sure to set it with hairspray. I get all-day hold as long as I use enough. Also, the Drybar one is just like the BioIonic ones with the rotating barrel, except the Drybar one is yellow (and pricier, and without a temperature dial).


You make it look so easy! I am getting really tired of just straightening hair, and I think I am too old now to just have straight long hair every day. I love the look of the curls and a curling iron is on the top of my to buy list!



Great video, you make it look so easy! I couldn't figure out how to use a clamped curling iron for the life of me, so I quickly gave up and went with a curling wand instead. I use the Remington curling wand (1 – 1.5" barrel) and it works wonders.


Side of Sweet Mint

Love this video. I do have a question – when you "clamp it down", does it leave a clamp mark on the hair? My metal Conair one does that and its really annoying! I have been to a few places like Drybar. Really great!



Not this lady, but I find with the Drybar iron the clamp is much looser than others since it spins with the barrel on top of the hair. I haven't ever gotten a clamp mark from mine, ever.

Kate Mitchell

Love the video! I have a question. Do you know anyone who has used this curling iron with success whose hair is naturally incredibly straight? My hair doesn't curl well at all (that's how straight it is) but I love how it looks when it's curled. I'm looking for a curling iron that curls my hair and it then stays curled (that's my problem). Thanks!


That's me! The straightest of hair. I find that in the part where she lets her curls cool, I also add a good all-over spray of a flexible hairspray (either Sebastian Shaper or Bumble and bumble Classic). Then, once the hairspray is set and the curls are cool, you can brush through them.

All-day curls! Seriously! Never could get it otherwise. If they fall out, go heavier on the hairspray, as when you brush them out you'll lose the crunchiness that comes with using a lot of hairspray.

Jackie {York Avenue}

Great video! I've been thinking about getting a curling iron and this does seem like it would be good, once you get the hang of it. It's a unique idea for a curling iron. I haven't tried Dry Bar yet either but next time I need to go somewhere special I think I'll give it a try!


This is such a great video! You're so cute. 🙂 This video is easy to follow and I like that you added the bit about letting your curls cool. I don't live near a Dry Bar, but I'd love to try one! Also, my hair has tons of volume and flyaways when I blow-dry it too, so I know how you feel.

Gracey Wallace

I LOVE the curling iron! I'm a regular now at drybar and whenever I get my hair curled it always stays for the next couple days (which never happens on my hair)!


Katy Watkins

That hair style looks amazing! I have really curly hair but it always feels more like knotty frizz than anything. I'm really tempted to give this look a go just to see if I can tame it a little.

You look gorgeous 🙂


Thanks for the video. I should try the look presented in the video. Meanwhile, could you suggest any heat resistant cream before ironing?


I’ve never been to DryBar…my hair slips out of the curling iron so easily. The curls don’t seem to last on my hair either. But they look good for an hour or so 🙂


Omg!!! I just bought this and doing it the way they do it in the official dry bar video was making a mess of my hair! Finally got it to do something the way you do it so I think there’s hope! Thanks!