“Classic Academia and All Things Bookish”

The Kate Spade new arrivals? Y’all. It was made for me. (And I know you’re going to feel the same way.) It’s two of my favorite things… in one: Kate Spade and books. I can’t get enough of every. single. look. Oh my…
The little look book is just perfection. I really just can’t enough of every single look. The inner nerd is me is just so in love with everything.

Shop some more of my favorite pieces below by scrolling through:
I am feeling inspired to make a trip to The Strand (and then swing by the Kate Spade store on the way home). Naturally.
What is your favorite look? Are you into the “nerdy” trend?

PS Have you seen my eyeglasses collection? It’s (almost) out of control. Plus this pair too
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Kaitlyn A. Sykes

Oh my. That is too precious. Inner academic geek + stylishly chic! (Wow, what a rhyme….) That is why I LOVE the Kate Spade glasses agenda… and is there any better way to decorate an academic planner than with geeky glasses?


Carly, how often do you make the disclosure that you're sponsored by Kate Spade? Don't see mention of it here. Between the Beau bag posts and this, it's a little over the top and turns me off as a reader.


I have a disclosure policy on my blog stating that I use third party affiliate links and I disclosed that KS sent the Beau Bag in the posts I included the bag. This post isn't related to the Beau Bag, just OBSESSED with the new arrivals 🙂


that first look and library scarf are incredible. i am such a nerd and i feel like i need that scarf. and the type a phone case.


I just looked at the Kate Spade website and I'm pretty sure I pinned everything you put in this blog post. I'm 100% sure that I am as obsessed with it as you are; I literally gasped at the screen when I saw it. I might have a problem…

– Sarah


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