Turning Into My Mom

One of the weirdest parts about getting older has been finding out that parents are people. Weird, right? I mean, I know my parents are people (duh), but I always just assumed that they were perfect and had things completely together and knew the right answer for everything. Now that isn’t to say they don’t have the right answer (most of the time…).

My parents and I have always, thankfully, been close. Recently, especially since leaving college, we’ve become more like real friends. And I love it.
But there is something alarming about growing up in the shadow of my parents. I am seriously turning into them. It’s weird and amazing. Definitely one of those life things that simultaneously freaks me out and makes me proud. Because they are my parents and I am totally a product of their relationship, their love, their genetics.

There are times when I look at a picture of myself and SEE my mom. (Oh goodness, with glasses? It’s scary.) There are times when I walk past a mirror and do a double take because an expression I’m wearing is just like my dad’s. I laugh at jokes I know my mom would be laughing at. Sometimes my thoughts about business decisions and strategy sound more like my dad than I’m willing to admit.
These fleeting moments are becoming more and more common. I don’t hate it.
The other day, I went to clean out my second closet. It’s little and in between my kitchen and my bathroom. I use it as a coat and shoe closet, but it’s also been a storage solution for this little problem that I have. Shoe boxes, shirt boxes, pretty boxes. Things, for whatever reason, I decided to store instead of throwing out. And the collection has been growing and growing. In an effort to get my handbags organized (and off of my kitchen table), I decided to clean out the boxes and use that shelf for the bags.
OMG. What I discovered was that the problem was way worse than I realized.
How did all of those boxes fit in the closet in the first place?! But see the even bigger issue is that this is something my mom does. 100%. My mom collects nice boxes. One time my dad threw out the boxes in the garage and it was not a good day. And there was one time I came home from college and my entire closet was unusable because it was FILLED with boxes. (And my closet at home is half the size of my bedroom.)
I staged an intervention– because what else would a concerned daughter do? I forced her to watch an episode of “Hoarders” and then the she marched straight into the closet and got rid of every single box. I guess this is my payback…. I had to do the same thing. It was kind of hard (omg Ralph Lauren boxes are just beautiful), but then it ended up being a great little cathartic exercise as I flattened every top and box.
Now my closet is filled with organized handbags and I now know that I am my mother in so many ways. Sheesh.
Have you realized that you’re turning into your mom or dad?


PS My mom AND sister might kill me for posting this… but they look so much alike, it’s almost unbelievable. We dressed Stacy up like her one night and my grandmother’s boyfriend thought my sister was my mom. I was doubled over from laughing so hard.

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Roza Jones

I teased my mom for being a "bag lady". Today I realize I have a tote for every occasion. College tote. Gym tote. Bible study tote. Grocery totes. Dog tote. I'm a bag lady…just like my mom.


I have turned more and more into my mom and dad over the years! I now make incredibly corny jokes just like my mom, and have weird OCD obsessions like my dad. It's scary how it just happens!


Your mom and sister favor a lot! I have come to the realization that I have turned into both my mom and dad in certain ways. It honestly kind of freaks me out a little when I'm in the middle of doing something and I realize that I'm acting like one of them , but it's kind of neat at the same time



I hoard pretty boxes too in my hall closet! Kate Spade makes my personal favorites. Way to get rid of them – I still love my boxes way too much to do that!


To start off: right on sister. I left school and my mother and I became more like friends, and I think it has to do with her believing in me to find my path. My dad has always been a penny pusher, hard headed, and intimidating man – so leaving school was the absolute worst thing I could do (in his mind). I used to swear that I wouldn't turn out to be as stubborn and hard headed as him, but oh man, was I wrong. When it comes to the beauty in each day, I am truly my mother, and when it comes down to business, school, and anything pressing, my father's attitude posses me. I used to try and change everything to not be exactly like my parents because, I mean, we all have our own issues and I had enough – thank you very much – to last me, for now. But the thing is, I wouldn't change it no matter how hard I tried, because I am their creation and their mirror. I love that I have the personality of my mother and the business strategy of my father, it's what makes me unique – and I believe that's what makes everyone unique – and to try and change that would be like receiving a free gift and just tossing it out. So, I too, have embraced the wonders of becoming my parents and I revel in it!

Jessica Joyce

It's a scary thought to be turning into my parents, especially since we know all of their flaws too!
What's that Oscar Wilde quote? All women turn into their mothers, that's their tragedy. All men don't, that's theirs.

Your Friend, Jess


I think that in many ways, I have more in common with my grandparents than my parents. My mom is totally not into fashion and makeup and stuff, so when I was little my grandma spearheaded that part of my life so that I would look cute. And now I have a clothes/shoes/purse buying problem just like her. But I am OK with this, 100%.

Kimberly Topolewski

Being away from my parents I've realized how much I'm exactly like them too. My Mom has slight hoarding tendencies with just STUFF and lately I've noticed I keep alot of little things that I don't necessarily need around.
I've been having to stage interventions with myself lately. I think this weekend is going to be the weekend I really really purge!

carelessly graceful

Vett Vandiver

omg, I realized this the other week when I was clipping coupons in my car…something my mom would totally do. I texted her and she told me "no better person to turn into" sounds like a similar case for you 😉

Jodi Steele

This post literally made me laugh out loud. 🙂 The older I get, the more I look like my mom, and the more things I do and say that remind me of both my parents. When I walk by a mirror with my glasses on, it's just spooky… 🙂
But like you, I love my parents and have always been close to both of them. Most of the time, when I hear one of their voices coming out of MY mouth, I have to laugh or smile rather than cringe. Thanks for the reminder of what a special relationship that is.


Hahaha I could not agree more! I definitely get my sensitive side from my mother and my stubborn side from my dad. But then there's the eerie things – like how I place my hands on my chin when I'm thinking: totally my dad. And when I sleep I put my hands in the same position as my mother does. So funny how we turn into our parents, they have the biggest and smallest effects on us!

xx Dana
Pink Champagne Problems


Haha! This was such a cute and funny post. Totally understand: I feel I am my mother in every single way. And it truly is amazing when you realize your parents are your *friends.* So grateful. Adorable post… Definitely calling the rents tonight. 😉



Meredith Scroggin

Hahaha this is the funniest thing, especially with the boxes! This happens far too frequently with my mom and's insane!



I totally know what you mean!!!! I will do things or say things and my friends will look at me and say "that was totally your mom" or "you looked just like your mom when you did that". It's really funny to see how much we become like our parents as we grow up.