iPhone Wallets

After I posted my “What’s In My Beau Bag” post, I have been looking into getting a new wallet. My Cole Haan one is beautiful and I really do love it, but it’s a little bit bigger than I need most days. It fits a lot of things, which I love. However, I find myself letting it get overrun with receipts and dry cleaning stubs. I think it’s a good everyday option for sure. One thing I’ve noticed myself doing lately is constantly switching out contents of my wallet to accommodate some of my smaller bags. I’ll only take out my subway card, my debit cards, $20 cash, bandaid (of course), and my license. Hardly anything at all. (It does then beg the question of why I’m lugging around everything else to begin with?!)
I saw these Graphic Image iPhone wallets on Facebook and I kind of love them. They come in two options, a wristlet and a slim case. I like that with both you can store your iPhone and the basic essentials. I imagine they would be great for all kinds of handbags, great to carry on their own, and even greater for traveling and staying organized.
Who can resist a matching iPhone case?! Love the embossed monogram!
The iPhone wallets were super popular on campus by the time I graduated college, but I love the updated, chic look of these.
Do you have a small or big wallet? Does it fit your iPhone?


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Keelin S.

I LOVE these – and normally I'm not a snakeskin fan! I love the wristlet because I am constantly trying to zip my phone into my Kate Spade wallet but there's never any room!

Meredith Scroggin

I've fallen in love with my Scout wristlet wallet because it fits my phone (which sadly isn't an iPhone and is usually too large for normal things!). It's the best!



A wallet that could fit a phone would actually be incredible. Often I don't like to carry around a huge bag but if I just carry a wallet then my phone doesn't fit. I may have to look into getting on of these!!

Jessica Joyce

I feel super uncomfortable keeping my wallet and phone in the same place because if I lose one, then I lose the other! I am, however, am guilty of keeping my iPhone in my wristlet then completely forgetting I put it there!

Your Friend, Jess

Isabelle Lichtenstein

These are so beautiful! I don't have an iPhone wallet, but I know that you can also get some super chic and cheap ones on eBay, believe it or not! Maybe I'll purchase one some day, but for now I'm content with my Lilly wristlet!