I’m not one to play favorites, but this may be my most favorite post ever. I really really really love this. Please tell me I’m not the only one!
Here’s the thing… I used to always wear pearl studs. The only variation would be the size of the pearl. But somewhere down the line, I started branching out with my earring choices and now I am hooked. Holy Moly. Can’t get enough.
(I blame Hannah… she’s rubbing off on me!)
Oh, aren’t these earring choices downright yummy??? They’re like little teeny tiny (unfortunately non-edible) pieces of candy!
I absolutely can’t choose between these ten. As in, I believe I need them all! Right?!? Someone justify this for me!
Left Column (Top to Bottom):
Right Column (Top to Bottom):

Do you wear fun earrings? Where is your go-to place for perfect earrings? 

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These are beyond adorable…thanks for sharing!!
I am a lifelong pearl-or-diamond-stud wearer, but I branch out whenever I remember. I usually just sleep in my pearls/diamonds, lol. My best friend is a Stella & Dot stylist and I've found really cute stuff through S&D.

Love the blog!!

Erin @ StrictlyBickley


I almost bought the crystal light earings from J.Crew the other day! I'm obsessed with earings as well. Right now I am currently wearing diamond studs that I got from my boyfriend for Christmas. I love this post too, and your blog!


I can't resist yellow! Or Kate Spade for that matter. But if you wanted to add a touch of whimsy to a simple dress or outfit, definitely go with the pineapple or the fish 🙂


The J.Crew Bellflower earrings are my favorite. I'm typically not one to wear earrings that resemble real 'things', if that makes sense. Like, flowers, owls, pineapples, stars, hearts…etc.

I truly love Tiffany&co earrings. Simple & classy. But, I'm also not really a "studs only " kind of gal. I really like danglies too 🙂

Eat Cake

Angela Duke

Love love love! I'm wearing a pair that are coral with starfish on them right now! Love cute studs! The pineapple and fish are my favorites!


I went to a Catholic high school, so I had to wear a uniform. I used to wear a different pair of earrings every day as a way to stand out from other students and to vary a bit from the uniform.

I've since cut down my earring choices to a handful of studs (diamond, cluster diamonds, pearl and sapphire). But I can see how you would need to own every pair in this entry =)