Easiest Outfit Ever

After a super long week of high heels and short hemlines and extra makeup, I was really looking forward to being able to just bang around town in jeans and a t-shirt. Even better, the weather is way autumn like. Sometimes I think that when the weather changes, it’s impossible to not fall in love with the city again. I’ve said it before and I will say it again… it’s showing off for us. Crisp mornings. Bright and sunny afternoons. Even the earlier sunset makes the streets extra cozy at night.
I can’t even tell you how much of a relief it is to be able to wear jeans without melting on the way to the subway. I know I’ll regret saying this in a couple of months… but jeans are just too easy!
I have a feeling that this is going to turn into my go-to weekend outfit. Simple white tee, skinny jeans (that I swear are like acceptable-in-public pajamas), and comfortable ballet flats. I would seriously prefer to wear these kinds of outfits every day. Rawr. I’m lazy when it comes to being inventive with outfits and I like to be comfortable.

Okay I have to be honest about this shirt. SixTwenty asked me to pick out something from their line and I was super hesitant. I think t-shirts are the most hit or miss things in the world. Possibly even worse than jeans. I’ve struggled to find a great t-shirt. Either the seams on the side don’t align (omg J. Crew’s drive me insane) or they don’t fit in my shoulders or they are too tight (or too loose). I typically buy a bunch of cheap ones from Target and call it a day… knowing they won’t be perfect, but at least they’re cheap.
I agreed to try one of the v-neck t-shirts anyway for one of their upcoming campaigns and I am impressed. It’s the perfect weight and I am obsessed with the fit and the price.
There’s just something so clean about a tee + jeans and a great manicure, right? Essie Geranium is always a crowd favorite.

My friend Evann and I left brunch and did some afternoon neighborhood exploring. (Is there anything better than a) having friends as neighbors and b) finding new cute neighborhood gems?) Evann and I snapped a few pictures of each other for our blogs and I have to say, she captured this picture as a surprise! Apparently this is the face I make when responding to cute text messages. 😉
This Southern Proper hat? Tuckernuck sent it to me as a birthday present and I am in love with it. You will find me wearing it… well any time a hat is appropriate. Good hair day, or not.

What is your lazy day, easy outfit?

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Kate C

Love jeans and a t – especially a fresh white one! I love Essie too, but just discovered they still do animal testing so will no longer buy their nail polish…


this is seriously my go to outfit, jeans, a fab t and a great jacket…and can't forget the flats. I love it because it's so comfortable and can be totally fashionable. it's a win win. lol

Meredith Scroggin

I am absolutely in love with that jacket, it's too cute! And I feel the same way about tshirts, especially the whole 'grabbing a bunch from Target'! I'll definitely be checking these out. Thanks!


Haintso Rakouth

Love simple outfits! I wouldn't mind investing in their shirts. They look like they are good quality and great for dressing up and dressing down.

For the fall I'm always either wearing leggings or ankle jeans/pants with a long shirt with my army jacket and a pair of sneakers, boots, or flats.


LOVE this look! So refreshing to see a more casual look that's still so pulled together! And love love love the "surprise" picture, you look so sweet and excited!

Stephanie Bartolomé

My lazy day outfit? You're wearing it. I absolutely LOVE my J.Crew field jacket and take every opportunity to wear it. I keep my cards/cash/keys in the lower pockets and Metrocard in the top left for quick access. Lazy means not wanting to carry a purse, right?

I really want that Southern Proper hat, but I'm attached to my boyfriend's OIF veteran hat.


Hey Carly what do you think about the sizing of that jacket? Not sure if I should get small or extra small.