Easy, Breezy Summertime Look

It wasn’t until I moved to Washington, DC that I realized just how important seeing the sun was to me. (And being by the water, too!) I definitely have “thin” blood and need the warmth of the sun! Plus, for the majority of my life, I could wear summer clothes year round, so I just love summer outfits.
One of my wardrobe staples is button ups. If I had my way, I would wear a button up and jeans every day of the year. But sometimes a button up can feel too stuffy, especially when it’s warm or hot outside. I just bought this linen tunic from J. Crew and it’s already made quite a few public appearances. With sensitive skin that burns super easily, I like being able to wear long sleeves without downright melting. 
Downtown Tampa has come a long way. Just love this park right on the river. When I first started rowing in high school, my team rowed out of the University of Tampa’s boathouse… So I spent many hours on that river! (And running around the river when I wasn’t boated.)
J. Crew has really expanded their Monogram Shop selection. When given the option, I almost always say, “Yes, please!” I got a little tiny white monogram on the tunic

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Ashley Stockwell

I have that in light purple and my only regret is that I can't wear it every day. It's my favorite things in my closet right now.

Kira T.

I have recently gotten into popovers thanks to you! I love how you styled this one, truly a simple, yet put together look!

Kira {}


I really like the tunic. I've always wanted to get something monogrammed at Jcrew, but I'm too worried that the item won't fit properly and I won't be able to return it since it's been monogrammed. My size in Jcrew seems to vary every year, too.

P.S. Where did you get the other gold bow bracelet you're wearing in the 3rd picture?


Okay this might sound weird and intrusive, so I apologize. I will start by saying you are of course lovely looking, always, and have great style, obviously. However, I have a similar body shape, slim with a large-ish chest (sorry), and I wear high neckline/loose tops because I don't know what else to do with myself, and you seem to always do the same. Obviously it's not like your "duty" to rep the slim/large chest girls, but I would LOVE to see some examples of outfits that flatter that shape, instead of hiding it. It kinda bums me out that we can't be preppy or classy without completely CAMOUFLAGING the fact that we have chests. Does that make sense?


Tunics are such a classic way to look nice while still staying casual. Looks absolutely lovely there!