How to Pick a Perfect Avocado

I’m a huge fan of avocado. On sandwiches, as guacamole, and especially on toast. Picking avocados can be tricky. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you’re going to find inside.
My family was hosting my high school crew coach and his wife at our house for dinner years ago. We had the usual family favorites on the menu– you know, the things we know will be a hit and the things we’ve made a million times. Except we wanted to make guacamole. We love guacamole, but we had only had it at restaurants and hadn’t made it at home. Big. Mistake.
We picked the worst avocados. (Read: I picked the worst avocados.)
I assumed you’re supposed to pick the green ones. They were as hard as a rock and the guacamole was a disaster. We hid the “guacamole” and put out one of my mom’s famous corn salsa (whipped up last minute) out in its place. Over dinner, we confessed the failed dish and my coach’s wife shared the best tip for picking avocados.
It’s the easiest trick ever and it hasn’t failed me yet. When you’re shopping for avocados, give them a little squeeze. Press your forehead with your pointer finger. If it feels like that, it’s not ripe yet. Press the soft part of your cheek. If it feels like that, it’s too ripe/mushy. Press the tip of your nose. If it feels like that, it’s perfect.
I’m sure I look like an idiot sometimes pressing my cheek and nose in the grocery store, but it works like a charm! Firm, but a little give… just like your nose!
I put this to the test on Monday when we whipped up some (good) guacamole. Perfect avocados every time with this little trick. Bring on the avocado toast and guacamole.
Anyone else love avocado? Do you have any easy, but important, grocery store tips?


PS This wasn’t my first grocery store mishap. One time, I came home with sixteen bananas… they go bad so quickly, so my dad and I (my sister and mom were both out of town) ate bananas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Kolbi Gray

This has happened to me so many times! I pick the worst vegetables and fruit! This is a super helpful tip! I'm definitely going to start using this! I'm also now craving guacamole! Thanks!!!

Life With Kolbi


Too many bananas? Over ripe bananas make for excellent banana bread! Also, ripe bananas dipped in dark chocolate and frozen make a wonderful, healthy dessert! That's what I do with too many bananas or if they get too ripe! Then you won't feel like you're turning into a banana eating them every meal 🙂


I learned through trial and error how awful picking an unripe avocado can be (trying to make an avocado pasta sauce and it was just…yikes). This is so helpful! Avocado toast with a little bit of garlic salt, pepper, and old bay seasoning is my favorite breakfast =)

Vett Vandiver

soo true! I eat avocados with almost everything! another great tip for splitting an avocado – use a spoon/knife to cut a line around the middle then pop it apart and scoop out the goodies with the spoon 🙂

3 Peanuts

A much easier way is to snap the little end stem (plug) off. If it is green, it is ripe. I buy avocados year round here and eat them daily:)


Avocados are tricky to pick but if you pick a good one then they are so good! My family has perfected guacamole and it is our go to for parties. Maybe I'll do a post about making it on my blog 🙂


Aimee Carmichael

I love avocados, it just recently that my possession has grown and I can't get enough, I love them mushed on toast with slices of chicken on top!.