Oxford Exchange (a must see in Tampa)

All of the good things in Tampa popped up… after I moved out of state. Of course. Oxford Exchange is one of those places. And if it weren’t for the mosquitos and humidity, I might just move back to Florida so I can spend my days getting work down at Oxford Exchange.
Oxford Exchange is a gift shop, restaurant, book store, cafe… and upstairs is the “Commerce Club” where you can rent desk space and work in the “library.” If I could move in, I would. Literally every single detail is perfect. 
I’m in Tampa currently for my sister’s graduation, but she jetted off to Paris (lucky girl) yesterday. My mom and I have just been relaxing and playing and running errands. We popped into Oxford Exchange real quick to do some shopping and I fell even more in love.
Can we talk about this bookstore? All the marble and a carefully curated selection of good reads.
Everywhere you turn there are more places to work. Grab a coffee or tea and settle into a leather couch or the bar. You can have a quiet study session, a business meeting, get through your emails… or play a round of Scrabble.
I’ve had lunch in the restaurant when home during a break, but didn’t quite have time to sit down today. The restaurant and the atrium both have the best ambiance.
The gift shop is a little dangerous. Everything is amazing!!! (I want it all.)

If you ever find yourself in the Tampa area, you absolutely have to make your way to Oxford Exchange!

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When I was going to UT I found this place a few weeks before I graduated and I was so saddened that it took me so long to find it because it is so amazing in there. It is an amazing hidden gem in Tampa.

Savannah Baron

Senior year of high school, my dad and I did a huge college road trip in the South and Florida. Crazy enough, he had a business meeting in Tampa that week, so we drove over from Winter Park to meet with these clients of his. They told us to meet them at The Oxford Exchange and had the meeting in the Commerce Club. It was literally the only place we went in Tampa, and it made such an impression on me (in fact, my dad has been trying to work on a project to do something like it at home in Southern California!)
We learned lots of fun facts while we were there, but the thing that stuck with me the most was the original intent behind the Commerce Club. So many business exchanges are done over the phone, email, Skype, etc. The man who built it wanted to bring back the face-to-face interaction of business, so the main idea was that people who work from home or have small offices can come in and rent a conference room or office to entertain company (plus the coffee shop waits on the rooms, so you can order anything while discussing business). Too cool, glad you love it as much as I did!


omg I might have to make a trip to Tampa just to go there. Looks so beautiful. Wish I was there studying for finals.


Katie McC

I've been to Oxford Exchange when I visited my friend from school! I live on the East Coast of Florida but only about 2 hours from Tampa. I absolutely lovedddddd OE! They decor, the environment, the food and teas, everything about it is perfect. I had no idea they had an upstairs study area. How awesome. The next time I go back to Tampa, I will be going here again. =) Are the marble floors not magnificent.


I've lived almost right next door to Oxford Exchange for almost a year now, and have never been! This is definitely on my Must-Do list now! 😀

Mika P.

I live in Tampa, but I've never been nor heard of this place- it looks gorgeous and someplace I'd love to visit! Thanks for posting about this, I'm definitely going ASAP! (:

jenny Rocks

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