Easy Last Minute Gifts

I’ve been really rooting for the USPS this year. While my experiences in store have been great, I currently have a package that’s gone rogue and a couple more that are delayed. I’ve heard some friends have the same issue because of the huge volume of packages this year. Everyone’s swamped! 
If you have packages out and about or you still need a last minute gift, you don’t have to go to the mall… you can swing by your local drug store.
Now, I love going to the drug store. I could go into one and easily spend $100 without blinking. It’s dangerous! There are tons of hidden gems inside of drug store that turn into really fun gifts. Not even kidding.
1. Movie night. Who doesn’t love a good movie night. You can easily put together a fun basket with everything the recipient needs for a great night. Normally drug stores have a selection of DVDs that are fun classics and not that expensive. I would buy a big plastic bowl that will double as the popcorn bowl and also gift “box.” Fill it up with a DVD or two (or iTunes gift card), candy, popcorn, maybe even one of those fleece blankets they always have!
2. As seen on TV. I know I can’t be the only one who loves all the dumb As Seen on TV things that the drug stores carry. It’s never something I would buy for myself, but I would definitely be down to test them out. Ha! Depending on the recipient, this borders on the edge of being a gag gift. However, I really do think this would be fun!

3. Baking kit. Most drug stores have a baking aisle. For the seasoned baker, you could pick up all the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies and put together a “cookies in a jar” for them. 

4. Camera & Frames. A fun gift for everyone, no matter what the age, is a disposable camera. Actually, I would get a bunch of them. Yes, digital cameras and iPhones are instantly gratifying… but how fun would it be to spend the whole day of Christmas snapping candid photos and getting them developed later, revealing all the fun! Plus, in the picture perfect world of Instagram we live in, there’s something relaxing about just snapping away not worrying about perfect lighting. (And the results are SO fun.) Pick up a frame or photo album to gift with the cameras so you can store the photos for years to come. New Christmas tradition, perhaps?

5. Office supplies. Okay, this would have to be for a very specific recipient. It takes a certain kind of person to get excited about Post Its. They’re out there though! Fill a basket with fun-shaped Post Its, colored index cards, all the “cool” pens, huge packs of markers, glitter poster paint, erasable highlighters, reinforced lined paper… the works!!!! 

6. Cards for every occasion. I imagine this might be better for a mom or grandmother type, but I think done right it would be perfect! My mom used to buy these huge kits that had cards for every occasion, but you can DIY this. Take a spin through the greeting card department and pull out a year’s worth of cards. A handful of birthday cards, thinking of you cards, get well soon cards, funny cards, holiday cards, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, etc. A big stack of them wrapped with a bow is perfect! Grab a set of gel pens and buy a book of stamps when you check out to gift with the cards. (Did you know that you can buy stamps at a drug store?! It’s a best kept secret.)
7. Mani/Pedi. One of the best gifts I received as a kid that would still be fun to receive now, was a box (it had golden retrievers on it? my sister picked it out) FILLED with nail polishes of every color. Most of them were just cheapy $1 polishes, but it provided years (seriously YEARS) of entertainment for my sister and I. My mom put in the foam toe separator things, cotton balls, nail polish remover, etc. For an older girl, a few Essie polishes would work just as well!

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