Easy-to-Wear Dresses

So the heat is on. I wasn’t feeling well on Saturday– all day long!– and I’m fairly certain that it’s because it was just so hot outdoors. I’ve gotten a little too used to the cool weather. Don’t get me wrong,  I love love love the heat. However it was a little much in my apartment and I’m still getting the airconditioner situation perfected and trying to figure out how to maximize the fans in my bedroom.
One thing that I am embracing to the fullest extent? Easy-to-wear summer dresses.
When it’s hot hot hot outside, all I have the energy for is simple dresses. For starters, they are zero-fuss and take no energy. And when it’s hot out there, I simply have no time to deal with stressing in front of my closet. Oh, and they’re great for the humid, sticky subway stations since they’re airy!
I pulled some of my favorite dresses that pass the summer test.
Can all nine of these dresses just find their way into my closet?! Yes, please!!
What dress is your favorite to wear when it’s hot outside?

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very cute dresses *-*

the subway stations in summer are horrible. I hated it, but I envy your right now, because in Germany everything is flooded 🙁

Kate Mitchell

They're so cute! I probably wouldn't pick any of them for me, though. I always gravitate towards maxi dresses with it gets hot. Probably because when the heat and humidity rise, so does my inflammation, and anything that is too constricting increases pain. So cotton maxi dresses to the rescue!


Chloe Romano

I loved every single dress you listed. I feel like I could easily wear them all. Every time I go to dress stores I come out with at least one to add to the collection. I just love the prints and cuts that are out this season. There seems like there are so many to choose from and they not only range on length but also on how casual they are.