Emergency Makeup

I am not a makeup person. I didn’t start wearing makeup until senior year of high school and I’m super low key about my routine in general. Generally, I throw on some tinted moisturizer, add some bronzer, a smidge of eyeliner, and a swipe or two of mascara.
My favorite kinds of days are the days when I don’t have to wear any makeup. I relish those days when I’m alone in my room and can rub my eyes freely without worrying about smudging my makeup.
I will admit, as much I wish it were not the case, I feel better about myself when I’m wearing makeup… or at least when I think I’m having a good makeup day. You know how you stand a little taller (figuratively and literally) when you have a great pair of heels on or you’re wearing your favorite power outfit???
I feel more confident when my normally-invisible eyelashes have some miracle mascara on. I feel more confident when my pale skin is enhanced with bronzer. And I feel more confident when zits are covered with spot concealer.
When I was at the Social Learning Summit last Saturday, I forgot to put mascara on in the morning. I had everything else on, but just completely forgot mascara. I didn’t even notice until I went to the bathroom and saw (or rather didn’t see) my eyelashes! And then I panicked. Because I was speaking on that panel. Although I knew that honestly no one would notice (or frankly care), I would feel much better if I had mascara on.
I’m now on a mission to collect mini travel sized makeup to keep in my purse.
I think this flat Kate Spade pouch is a great start, right? First, it’s super cute. It’s also good for throwing in purses, handbags, and totes since it’s flat.
I will definitely carry a pair of tweezers with me. I hate when I try to remember to pluck my eyebrows and then forget… until it’s too late and I’m at the event with stray eyebrows! Yikes.
A little blemish stick for unexpected spots that pop up in the middle of the day!

I love these face blotter sheets. Especially when it’s super humid outside (hello, Florida) and there are pictures being taken. Dabbing a sheet across my nose and forehead makes me feel less shiny!
I have tons of “short” eyeliner pencils that are perfect for traveling. Instead of throwing out the “stubs” of pencils, I will just keep them for eyeliner on the go!
And of course, the whole reason why I was inspired to make an emergency makeup kit…. Mascara. I know that sometimes Nordstrom (or really any Bobbi Brown counter) has “tester” versions of mascara. They sometimes come in little freebie bags. A short size might be nice, but I don’t think I will mind carrying around a full size mascara.
Do you carry makeup with you? What would be your definite “needs” in an emergency makeup kit?

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I'm a little bit of a worrywart when it comes to being prepared, so my makeup bag in my purse is stocked with: blush, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, lip balm, concealer, and a mini bottle of Advil just in case I have a headache or cramps!

Yes, I'm crazy! 😉


Unless your eyelashes are very light blonde, just an eyelash curler and a little vaseline can go a long way towards making your eyes pop without there being anything to smudge.


Cute case! I use a little Vera one and keep some lipstick and powder and other essentials for touch ups between classes.


I love the Bobbi Brown blemish stick. I've used it for years and it is the best. I have a little makeup bag in my purse and it is a lifesaver!


I use a mini clinique mascara, lipstick, lipgloss, and balm in different colors, and a mini eyeliner.

You're right- having these little makeup essentials on hand is wonderful 🙂 One less thing to have some anxiety about!

Eat Cake


I always have some sort of lip product (usually gloss or balm). I do not wear makeup on a daily basis, but always carry a lip product in case my lips get dry. I also always carry moisturizer- I have super dry skin and it is a must for me.


I always have with me a lip balm, lip gloss, mascara, and powder that remain in my makeup bag at all times. I also like to keep the shortened pencils for the same reason! Sometimes I will throw in Benetint for a quick flush on the go.


I always carry a small purse with the absolute essentials in it. For me those are lip balm, lip gloss/lipstick, a hair tie and a small mirror. Generally, I don't carry mascara with me unless I know I'll be getting into some mascara-ruining activities. I completely understand what you mean about feeling better with mascara on; I don't want to, but I just love how my lashes look when you can actually see them!


Sounds like you love Bobbi Brown – might I suggest her gel eyeliner? Absolutely amazing, and it lasts 14+ hours (for those REALLY long days when I've had to test it). Love that brand – I'm going to have to try these other products out!


Absolute favorite eyeliner ever!!!!! It really does last all day, even when it's hot and sticky out and everything else is melting down my face..
Her creamy concealer is amazing too!


I just usually carry eyeliner and chapstick. i find that just lining the inside of my top eyelids makes my eyelashes exist once again.

Sara Grace

love this post! I love Chanel's Mademoiselle lip colour and wear it a lot. But for class and casual outings I use fresh's sugar lip treatment in passion. I, too, am not a huge makeup person – even senior year of high school, I'd be too tired in the morning to care and when I did wear makeup to school I always got the "ah, you wore makeup today! you look so pretty." Most mornings I just throw on bare minerals, cover up my spots, a swipe of mascara, and a lip!