Emily Post Podcast: Awesome Etiquette

I drove to visit my friend in Rhode Island the weekend before Christmas. Driving long distances is new to me– I only drove my first long distance trip in October! The drive to my friends is right around three hours, which is really not that bad at all. The only issue is that listening to music gets boring and I was driving alone so I had no one to talk to.
The day before, I was on the Emily Post website looking at the latest version of the classic etiquette book. I loved that a lot of her family are carrying on her legacy with their work at the Emily Post Institute. In fact, her great-great-granddaughter Lizzie Post and her great-great-grandson Daniel Post Senning do a weekly podcast called Awesome Etiquette.
After getting into Serial last year, I have dabbled in podcasts. Typically I find a few podcast recordings that I find interesting (versus falling in love with a channel). I’ve been mostly striking out though. I decided to give Awesome Etiquette a shot and I’m obsessed!!!
Thankfully I downloaded more than ten random episodes for my drive. I even set up the Bluetooth in my car… finally… four months later. Anyway, I couldn’t stop listening to Awesome Etiquette. 
While it occasionally dips into cheesy banter, Lizzie and Daniel do a really great job. It’s informative, funny, and really just interesting. It’s truly conversational. I like the way they break up each recording: personal anecdotes, reader questions, etiquette “salutes” etc. I love hearing their take on how to handle different situations; they go well beyond “what fork to use when” which is what I think of when I imagine etiquette. 

Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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I am doing a 3 hour road trip tomorrow and I can't wait to check this out! Podcasts are such a great way to pass the time on trips! Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂



I LOVE Emily Post. I have all her books and I am such a big supporter of etiquette rules, especially being a part of our generation that pretty much thinks etiquette is optional. I had NO IDEA that they had a podcast! I can't wait to listen!