The jewelry store where I got my Live Your Dreams cuff sent me a new necklace.  Sydney Buchanan just started carrying a new line of engraved necklaces from Jill Massey.
I always wear my Dogeared necklace that has a little key, so I was really excited to know that the new necklace layered so well with it!  It has an adjustable chain, so you can change the length depending on the neckline of your shirt/dress or what other jewelry you’re wearing.
I love how simple the plate is and I like the hammered look.
I’m a fan of gold jewelry, but it also comes in silver if that’s more up your alley.  You can also do a full name (like I did), a word (like “dream” or “friend”), a single initial, or three initials.

You can order here.
Thanks Sydney!!!

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I love the silver necklace so much! I'm really into silver jewelry, but as of late I've really found a love for gold as well!