Spring Cleaning Checklist

When my stress levels are in overdrive, I tend to clean and organize.  
True Story: Senior year of high school I was an absolute wreck.  One morning, I decided to clean the back of the journalism room.  This was a major fish to fry.  I swear, there was a pot of coffee from 1987…. with coffee solidified in the bottom.  Gross.
Anyway… with all the stresses of senior year (anyone want to hire me??? gulp.), I’ve been on a spring cleaning spree.  I have vacuumed my room about twice a day for the past week.  If you’re not as OCD about that as me, I thought I’d share some of the big ticket items on my spring cleaning list:
1) Junk Drawer – This is the easiest place to start, especially if you find yourself sitting at your desk with writer’s block.  File important papers and receipts.  Trash old pens that don’t work anymore.  Touch base with business cards.  Stock up on index cards, post-its, paper clips, and rubber bands.
2) Closet – Pull everything out of the closet.  Switch out seasonal clothes.  Send your spring clothes to the dry cleaners since they’ve been in storage.  Get old clothing altered.  Donate things that fit or you haven’t worn!
3) Calendar – If you’ve neglected your calendar (whether it’s your Google calendar, or iCal, or agenda), now is a good time to get it back up to speed.  Schedule the neglected visit to the dentist.  Add a weekly phone call with a loved one and a fun date with a friend.
4) Handbags – This is a much neglected area to clean!!!  Empty each bag.  Toss out receipts, tickets, and random mint wrappers.  Restock with ponytail holders, Chapstick, and band-aids.
5) Contacts in Phone – Capitalize names, delete contacts you don’t need (read: annoying boys’ numbers), add last names to rogue contacts.  And something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, match up email addresses with cell phone numbers!
6) Instant Queue – I always forget to delete films I’ve watched from my Netflix Instant Queue and then I never have anything new to watch.  Gather recommendations from your Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger friends and refill your Instant Queue with must-sees!

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Oh I am the exact same position as you right now. Except for the fact that I'm a sophomore instead of a senior! I'm forever cleaning everything to make myself feel so much more organized!


Coming back from abroad, i realized it was possible to live out of one very large LL Bean suitcase (shocking, I know!) and had a massive cleaning session in my room. As in I went through every. single. item. I now have everything in boxes and neatly labeled for when I come home this summer! I find it fun to clean things out and realize how you've changed in what you need. And for me, vacuuming and cleaning surfaces is a type of therapy. It gives me time to think and unwind while my room and apartment become sparkling clean!


I love making list and cleaning and basically anything that makes me think my life is in some kind of order. I was wondering where you made that list?! it is so cute!
If you have the time to answer please email me back (sorry for the weird email its old and i am in no place to change it)


I love to clean out my closet – I'm moving right now so it is nice to know that I cleaned out my closet every year 😉


So glad to know I'm not the only one who cleans when they're stressed out! Though I'm sure my roommates thank me for it…


Gorgeous printable! These checklists are surprisingly effective. Spring cleaning has always been one of the most terrifying activities in the world for me. This year it was a pure pleasure because I decided to print out a complete list with spring cleaning tips. I have also found out some recipes for homemade cleaning products. Try them for sure!