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I have been pretty open about my feeling overwhelmed by the transition from Connecticut to New Jersey. Living with my boyfriend has been the best, but we had so many troubles with the apartment that I thought I was going to lose my mind at more than one point. Thankfully (!!!), all issues have been addressed and we’ve actually been able to ENJOY the space. Having a large living room for entertaining has been great, as is having my own dedicated office space. But the absolute best part, which is why we chose the apartment in the first place? Having a private backyard. They are so hard to come by in a city, so it did feel like winning the lottery a little bit (even if it meant dealing with other issues).

Now that spring is here, and in full swing, we have actually been able to utilize the space for entertaining, dog playing, and relaxing. It’s a game changer and certainly contributing to my attitude adjustment. We jokingly refer to it as Ireland right now because it is unbelievably green back there. It’s green from above, green on the ground, green coming over the fence, green climbing the wall of the adjacent building. But what does all of that mean for me? Allergies! I’m partnering with ZYRTEC® on this post to share some of my simple Allergy-proof beauty tips for a casual weekend at home.

Because I spend all of winter looking forward to spring weather, I don’t want to take a single minute for granted. Or, worst yet, waste a day indoors because I don’t feel great. With ZYRTEC®, I can get 24-hour relief from my allergy symptoms (like itchy, watery eyes). One thing I learned, and have told all of my friends, is that it works twice as hard when you use it the next day and then works consistently strong day after day. I’ve incorporated taking it into my daily morning routine to ensure that I’m always feeling as good as I can.

One of my favorite traditions we’ve established in our new apartment is doing “Weekend Wellness” with friends. It’s kind of an open invitation every Sunday and a little bit of a revolving door. The whole point is to do something healthy like group yoga in the living room, but everyone’s favorite part is when we all sit down for breakfast. We did our first breakfast outdoors a few weeks ago when the weather was finally nice and it was unanimously decided that we will be having our breakfasts al fresco from now until the first snow.

It’s a pretty casual morning, but since we still have guests over, I do a very minimal and easy makeup routine. I’ve incorporated some of the tips I learned from Jamie Greenberg to help combat ALLERGY FACE®.

Beauty 1

I recently got pretty hooked on the jade roller. Jamie sold it hard during the panel and I was super curious to try it. I love how it feels on my skin and I think it helps de-puff my face which is a great thing to do first thing in the morning. I also hate doing anything or going anywhere without “putting my eyebrows on.” Even if I go makeup-free otherwise, I just like how I look better when I fill my eyebrows in with some tinted brow gel.

Then, I might add a little bit of highlighter to my cheekbones. It’s not as noticeable or “made up” as blush or bronzer. It just gives you a nice little pop and glow, which I appreciate so much during allergy season! Finally, I’ll go for a light color on my lip. Instead of a full coverage color, I prefer a tinted chapstick because it’s not that high maintenance.

Beauty 2

Then I’m ready for breakfast outdoors!

Carly the Prepster


I could eat breakfast for every meal. I try not to have bread in the morning during the week so a croissant or doughnut on the weekend is a special treat. Even during the week though, I’ll take a cup of coffee outside to enjoy after a workout while the dogs run around and play. It just feels so nice to relax in our own backyard– and even better with allergy relief from ZYRTEC®.


Breakfast Outdoors  Carly Heitlinger

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Hi Carly, Great tips for allergy face. Where did you get your jade roller and dress?


Zyrtec, oh how I love you. The liquid gel caps are basically the only reason I am a functioning person and do not live in a bubble, haha. (I’m allergic to…everything outside). Your backyard is lovely! And that spread looks delicious! I love a nice French pressed coffee on a weekend morning. xAllie

Ann Rogers

Where did you get the cute dress?
Also, the dress you whore with Kelly in the City. SO cute and great for this hot summer weather.

Erica @ Coming Up Roses

Oh girl, the allergy struggle bus is SO REAL! I have lived on Zyrtec for as long as I can remember…thankfully I *think* my allergies are getting a *bit* less severe every spring as I get older, but holy moly, it’s debilitating when a bout of sneezing and itchiness strikes!!!

Coming Up Roses


London was the worst allergies I’ve ever had in my life. I ruptured my ear drum!


No, it’s been a labor of love. We moved in with a dirt lot! We had to seed it twice and couldn’t mow the second seedimg yet! It’s back to normal now 🙏🏻


I love your easy makeup routine, especially the lip color.. It looks like a Fresh lip tint. Which color? I love red lipstick and have been looking for a sheer red for summer.