I was in the city a few weeks ago for two meetings. I try to coordinate it so everything I do in one day is in relatively the same area (or at least easy to take a subway to/from) so it’s easier to get around. My worst nightmare is something in the West Village followed by the UES and then having to get back to New Jersey… 🙅🏻‍♀️

Well in between two meetings I had fifteen minutes to kill and I made the mistake (haha) of popping into Madewell. I usually find a few things in there that I have to try on but don’t ultimately love. This time I spotted a jumpsuit that looked so cute on the hanger. I tried it on, assuming it wouldn’t look good. They didn’t have my size (0) in the store so I tried on the 00 (WAY too short in the torso) and the 2 (too loose) and made the educated guess that the 0 would work. I ordered it when I got home and, oh, do I love it!!! It’s on major sale right now, so definitely take a look!

I’m normally not a jumpsuit/romper kind of girl because I have an extremely long torso. Wearing something with a fixed length is neither flattering or comfortable for me. This one surprisingly fit me in both the length, chest, and hips. I think that’s why jumpsuits are so challenging for me whereas something like a dress is more forgiving.


Women's Irenee Two-Piece Block-Heel Sandals

I also have to re-mention these shoes. I keep wearing them and including them in outfits, but I can’t keep up with the DMs on Instagram about them! I am obsessed with the shoe/style. It’s as high of a shoe that I can comfortably wear nowadays which means that I’m wearing them all the time. I find them to be so incredibly comfortable and go with everything from casual to dressy outfits. Seriously, they look just as great with cropped jeans as they do with a cute little summer dress.

I found them to be true to size and didn’t need any breaking in!

Eyelet Frilled-Strap Jumpsuit Madewell Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit (on sale!!) // Shoes // Similar Clutch // Similar Necklace

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Can you share what the meetings are that you frequently reference? Would be interesting from a reader’s perspective. Thanks!


Just with brands and different companies. Sometimes it’s just to meet in person and sometimes it’s about a specific partnership that is already in play.


I absolutely love it! I’ve been looking for one that is classy and not too sheer. I haven’t been able to find one that I’m in love with yet, but I definitely want to were this look.


That jumpsuit looks so cute on you! The button details are adorable. I went on the hunt for a cropped jumpsuit at the start of the summer, I’m too short for a full length one, and I couldn’t find one that worked. This post inspired me, and now I’m going to look again for a cropped one!


I can really see all of your hard work at the gym showing in your arms and back in this post! You are looking so healthy and happy lately!!

Lynn-Holly Wielenga

Jumpsuits are definitely risky… will they hit the right spot on my waist? Will my butt looks like it goes on forever? Will it be long enough? But when you get the right one, it’s magic! And this one definitely looks magical on you. I love Madwell. I could probably soley dress myself out of Madewell, Anthropologie, and a little j.crew thrown in for good measure.


This looks crazy cute on you! I just bought like 6 pairs of Madewell pants last week and was really unhappy with the cuts – I’m not into this cropped leg trend. But it actually looks great/works with the jumpsuit. Wish me luck trying to find other linen pants for the summer!

Eva |


This looks great on you!! I similarly have trouble finding one-piece outfits that fit, but usually it’s because my torso is very short!

On an unrelated note, I came across an article today about the housing crisis for seasonal workers on Nantucket that I thought might interest you. As a native of Cape Cod, I think this is an important issue for frequent visitors of Nantucket and the Cape more generally to be aware of. Please consider sharing about this issue in your On My Radar post this week.


I love the details on this jumpsuit!! It looks great on you!
I struggle wearing jumpsuits because I’m too short to wear them without heels. Would love if you could share dressy summer outfits to wear with flats!

Samantha Spellman

I bought my first romper last month after ages of thinking I’d never find one that fit! It’s a summer miracle!