Exciting New Things for CP!

Oh my goodness… this is going to be quite the week over here at College Prep. Read the whole post, because there’s lots of news!

First, I’m starting a new, temporary blog! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am cleansing my life of the unnecessary. One of my issues is that I have WAY too many clothes. Like, an absurd amount. I had to move a million times this summer (two dorms and two houses) and every time I packed the boxes up I realized more and more just how ridiculous it was that I’ve been lugging around dresses, pants, and skirts that I haven’t worn in years!

{click on the picture to be taken to the new blog!}

open in a new tab or window so you can finish reading the post though!
I’ve just finished cleaning and organizing my room and that process included going through all my clothes and deciding what to keep/sell/giveaway. I am giving away a ton of shorts and tank tops and t-shirts to the Salvation Army, but I have some cute things that I haven’t worn much at all that I’m going to be selling on my new blog!

Be sure to follow it because I’m not exactly 100% sure when I’m going to open up shop. I think how it’s going to work is every day there will be a few items placed for sale at a designated time. And every afternoon, I’ll make a preview post for what will be opened up on the next day. I’m thinking that this will make it a little more fair for everyone to get a shot at what they want. It bugs me greatly when I check my Blogger dashboard and see that someone’s hosted a blog sale 10 hours ago and everything is sold out!

Okay, so that’s news #1.


Next, it’s FINALLY time for

I cannot tell you guys how excited I am for it! I wish I could win EVERYTHING.

It’s starting tomorrow (July 15th).



Finally, I’m thinking of selling advertising space on my blog. If you’re interested send me an email and I’ll send you some information about my blog!


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So excited for your giveaway!! I think the temporary blog to sell things is a great idea!! =) Your blog is so adorable.