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[College Prepster Note: I completely messed up and didn’t post this while in England… my bad!!! I’m so sorry Holly! But I do love this post, so I hope everyone takes a few minutes to read it!]

As many of you know Carly is having a wonderfully preppy and posh time in England, and she was unsure of how much time she would have to blog on her trip plus Internet access could be intermittent, so as a fellow collegiate prepster I offered to write a guest post for her! I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately to do some outfits for certain occasions, so I’d like to introduce you to “What do I wear to….”, solving all of your outfit conundrums!

What do I wear to….

1) Take my kid brother for ice cream? — a tried and true summer tradition in my family, every Thursday night I take my younger brother out for ice cream, because there’s nothing better than a scoop of moose traxx to end the day! The look I chose is definitely something I would wear, its just a simple white tee paired with a colorful Ralph Lauren cardigan, classic jean shorts, as well as the ever stylish Sperry’s. I love my Vera Bradley mini hipster because its got just enough space for my cell, a wallet, and some sheer lip gloss! I’ve been a big fan of rope bracelets for the longest time and I recently discovered ones with gold accent clasps. Love them!

2) A mid afternoon date at the deli? — one of my favorite catch up spots with my girlfriends is a quaint local deli here called Marie Catribs. The tuna salad is absolutely to die for! But when I’m just visiting and having a light bite to eat I like to be stylish but laid back. This over sized striped tee is from TopShop and its a light and airy top that is perfect for humid days. The jeans are simple capris, and the earrings are vintage, but the bracelet is a gorgeous gold and black acrylic combination that wraps around your wrist in the shape of a snake! how chic. Any over sized tote and black simple sandal would top off this stylish but simple outfit.

3) Have my cute teachers assistant edit my term paper? — we all know there’s the one adorable t.a. who is charming as well as witty and what better time to impress him with your style than when he’s editing your term paper! This combination is a sweet spring look with a sassy floral dress from modcloth, with a braided leather belt for an accent. The dress is a tank – skirt combo that is adorable but functional at the same time. Keds are a perfect simple alternative to sandals especially if you have a little bit of a walk to his office! The leather tods messenger bag says I’m a serious intellectual while the jean jacket says I know how to have fun. Who knows, if he likes your paper maybe you could suggest reading him the final draft over coffee next week 🙂

4) Plant flowers @ campus cleanup day — there is no better opportunity to have a little fun and give back to your community than getting down and dirty on campus cleanup day! whether you’re planting flowers or re-painting fences, you’re sure to look down to earth and cute in this purple inspired outfit. Its best not to wear anything too expensive or fancy during the day because ruining a 60 dollar top with red bench paint is not an option. A simple white tee and jeans combo will suit you best because its easy to wash if it gets dirty, and its not a designer item if it gets ruined! tennis shoes are best if you’re going to be outdoors all day, but nobody said you cant look adorable, and that’s where our VB headband and flower earrings come into play! the purple hues are eye catching and cute at the same time, so you’re sure to turn heads no matter how you’re helping your school!

5) Lounge by the pool at the country club? — nothing beats a sunny day sitting by the pool sipping on an iced lemonade with the latest town and country in hand! you’ll look sweet and approachable in this lemony cute ensemble. This retro inspired bikini bandeau from modcloth will leave you with no strap tan lines but the right amount of coverage in case you bump into your bff’s mother or grandmother! The juicy couture tote is perfect for hauling your magazines, sunscreen, towel, and ipod without breaking a sweat! A classic white tunic & flip flops are handy in case you need to stroll over to the snack bar to chat with a cute golf caddy on his lunch break. The ruby earrings and pink acrylic bangle are optional, but if you’re a girl who loves extra pizazz then they’re perfect for you!

Thanks so much Holly!!! I love all the outfits!


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Cute outfits! Any chance Holly is from GR?? I just went to Marie Catrib's last week, and I don't think it's a chain!!