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Fall Classics (update)

So I wanted to an update of my fall classics post, but… not much has changed! I still stand, 2000% behind that post. Which actually makes me pretty proud. Three years have gone by and trends have come and gone, but those pieces still remain staples. They’re still what I reach for consistently throughout these fall months. I’m going to do a little update with a few tweaks.

Fall Staples

Trench Coat // Barbour Coat* // Quilted Vest // Quilted Jacket

Wool Blazer // Grey Cable Knit Sweater // Skinny Jeans // Navy Dress

Black Skirt // Plaid Shirt // White Blouse // Cashmere Wrap

Hunter Boots // Riding Boots** // Scarf // Ballet Flats // Sneaks

Sunglasses // Booties // Bean Boots // Crossbody

Would you add any staples for fall? I love that these stand the test of time!

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Those Jack Rogers booties are so cute! I’ve been looking for a bootie with a little heal. Do you have these/if so how do you like them?


That’s why I love a more timeless style! You can invest in quality pieces and wear them forever! & Fall is my favorite time for that!


Over the years, I come to realize that investing in staples like these are key!! This is a great list!
XO Lauren


I love all of these pieces for fall it’s such a fun season for fashion and activities. I love the quilted jacket I need to get one of those this year!
Kelsey |